Protecting Your Pool from Damage by Freezing

It is important to maintain your pool year-round. Winter is a time when pool owners are most concerned about freezing damage and expensive repairs.

Whether it’s cracked pool equipment or a burst pipe, freezing can cause extensive damage.

Pool water will freeze if the temperature drops below zero. Winterizing and closing the pool can help prevent this from happening.

Since keeping a pool open during the winter season can cause damage to it, here are some tips to keep it warm.


Maintain Water Level Properly

It’s also important to keep an eye on the water level in winter. This will help keep the pool’s temperature consistent and the water flowing smoothly.


Buy An Automatic Freeze Protector

An automatic freeze protector turns on the pool pump when the outside temperature drops below freezing. It then circulates the water until the temperature warms up enough to safely operate the pump.


Pool Skimmer Protection

Since the plastic parts of the pool skimmer are thin, they are prone to cracking if ice forms on them during the winter season. To prevent this issue, use a Gizzimo or a Skimmer Guard.


Open All Valves

All the valves on your water pump and filter should be opened to allow the water to circulate.


Turn On Pool Pumps

To keep the water circulating, make sure that the pumps are running continuously. Also, keep the temperature constant.

A variable-speed pump can help save energy and protect against freezing. It can also be used for emergencies.

Also, make sure the pump is running as long as it needs to keep the water warm. If it gets too cold, it can freeze.


Use Pool Covers

When not in use during the winter, a pool cover should be used to help keep the water warm. This can help prevent the pool from freezing.



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