How to Take Care of Your Pool In Mid-Winter

Winterizing is not a set-it-and-forget-it process. It’s a yearly process that will involve checking in with your pool to make sure that it’s operating properly.

A mid-winter pool check-in is a great way to ensure that your pool is in good shape all winter long. It can detect any issues that can affect the longevity of your pool.

February 5th is the middle of winter, so it’s a good time to do your mid-winter pool check-in.

Now we'll tell you how to take care of your pool in mid-winter:


Make Sure That Your Cover Is Secure

A properly fitted pool safety cover can prevent dirt, debris, and small animals from getting into your pool.

If any debris get into the water, it can end up staining your pool and causing algae growth once the weather warms up.

Follow these tips:

  • Check your pool safety cover for holes and tears and repair immediately with pool cover patches.
  • Remove debris from the cover with a telescopic pool and leaf rake or net, and remove leaves stuck beneath the edge of the cover and straps.
  • For automatic safety covers, pump out any standing water (specified automatic as regular safety cover a mesh made and water flow trough)

If a pool has water bags, make sure they've remained in place. Also, make sure the anchor bolts are secure on the cover.

If the cover has moved, it might be time to tighten it. Also, make sure the pool is secure enough to prevent the cover from sliding around.

The pool covers should be adjusted to the wall to prevent the gaps from creating hazards for swimmers and animals.


Check The Filter And Electrical System

  • All breakers and time clocks are turned off
  • The pool light is turned off
  • There are no leaks or cracks in and around the electrical equipment
  • All the wires are properly connected to the pump, heaters, sensors, and other equipment


Check The Water Chemistry

Test the water chemistry to see how it compares to the conditions in the reservoir. Then, add a winter chlorine shock to keep the chlorine running.


Check The Pool Equipment And Plumbing

When closing the pool, check the equipment and plumbing for cracks. Also, make sure that the cover is installed correctly to protect the pool from freezing damage.

Also, check:

  • That the drain plugs are removed from all of the equipment, including the pool filter
  • The pool skimmer protection tube or gizmo is secure to prevent water from entering the plumbing system
  • The winterizing plugs are in place for the return valves or lines


Check Your Pool’s Surface

If the pool cover is worn, it should be pulled back to inspect the surface. If the pool is leaking, it should be cleaned and replaced. If it seems possible, add an enzyme to the water to remove organic contamination.


Check The Water Level

To ensure that the water level is not too high or too low, check the area below the pool tile. This is ideal for safety covers, solid covers, and mid skimmers.

If the water is too low, it can indicate a leak in your pool cover. It can also cause your pool cover to get damaged during heavy snowfalls.

Too much water can also damage your pool tiles. It can cause the water to freeze and cause the tiles to crack.

Remove extra water from your pool by placing a small cover pump into your skimmer. Or on the top step in the shallow end of your pool.


Clean Up Area Near The Pool

Trim the trees and shrubs around the pool to keep them from falling onto the pool deck. Also, remove the debris from around the pool that has accumulated.


Add An Algaecide

A mid-winter algaecide will keep your pool looking fresh and clean. It will also help prevent algae from growing in the pool once the temperature warms up.

Winter is a great time to keep an eye on your pool. It can be a challenging time of year to maintain a pool, so keeping it in good condition will help minimize the stress and expense of opening the pool.

Mid-winter is a great time to check-in and protect your pool, as it can cause minor issues to worsen.



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