How to Care for Pool After Heavy Snowfall

You should also keep an eye on your pool during the winter months. Snow can damage both your pool cover and the structure of your pool.

Too much snow and ice can damage your pool cover and your swimming pool's coping. If the weight is too heavy, the cover's cord will tighten too much.

Before you close your pool, make sure to keep at least 18 inches of water in your pool. This will help prevent pool damage and keep your pool cover in good shape.


Remove Snow Safely

If you must remove snow from the pool cover, avoid walking on it. Instead, use a broom to gently remove the snow. You can also use a leaf blower or a roof rake to remove snow from the pool. Do not use shovel!


Remove Extra Water With a Pump

Use a pool pump to remove the meltwater from your pool cover. Doing so will help keep the weight off and prevent damage. Also, treating the water with chemicals will prevent it from causing damage.


Water Level Check

If your pool has water displacement, make sure to empty it with a hose to prevent damage. Also, keep an eye on the water level to ensure that it is staying level.


Your Cover Must Be Clean

This will help remove the debris that accumulate on the cover. Getting rid of these objects can prevent the dirt and leaves from getting into the pool and damaging it.


Cut the Cord Only for Worst Way

If the snow has accumulated too much, or the cord is too heavy, cut it and let the cover fall into the pool. Doing this will prevent the cord from tightening and causing damage to the pool.


If you’re worried about the pool cover getting damaged due to the accumulating snow, these tips can help keep it from piling up.



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