Top 6 Tips to Maintain Your Safety Winter Pool Cover

Although it's not always the easiest task, taking good care of your pool is as important as when it's used. This is also true for your safety pool cover.

Like proper pool closing, your pool cover will also help protect your pool all winter long, so it’s ready to use come spring.

Winter is a great time to check on the pool cover to make sure it's in good shape. There are also various tips on how to maintain it once the snow begins to fall.


Choose The Right Cover

Safety mesh covers are recommended for inground pools. They are designed to prevent pool debris from falling off and onto the pool. They can also be secured with stakes or twine.

It is important to contact the professionals when it comes to the installation of the safety mesh cover.


Clear Debris Off

Winter is a great time to clean and maintain your pool cover. Use a leaf blower or pool brush to remove debris from the cover.


Patch Holes

It’s a good idea to look for and patch the holes on your pool cover when you close it or install it for the winter.

Polyester or mesh safety covers are ideal for minimizing pool debris and keeping the water safe from getting damaged. They are durable and are designed to prevent staining.


Remove Snow

If you have a pool cover that can handle the weight of snow, then removing it isn’t necessary during moderate snowfalls. However, if you have a pool cover that can handle heavy snowfalls, then removing snow can be a challenging task.

  • For preventative measures, consider removing some of the snow on your safety pool cover by following these steps:
  • For 3+ feet of snow, use a leaf blower if the snow is light.
  • If the snow is wet and heavy, use a soft-bristle push broom to remove snow from the cover gently.

*Do not use a shovel as this will risk damaging your cover.

When it comes to automatic safety pool covers, make sure to remove snow and ice from them as soon as possible to prevent their buildup.



These pool covers have springs and are attached to the pool deck. When installed correctly, the springs should be under the same tension.

Winter cover straps should be adjusted to keep the cover taut. They should also be inspected to make sure the gaps aren’t developing.


Maintain Water Level Properly

When covering your pool for the winter, make sure the water level is filled to the normal operating level, or just a bit higher. A general rule of thumb for an ideal water level is halfway up your skimmer opening.

Having enough water in your pool is important to support the cover while it's being used during heavy snowfalls. This is also necessary to prevent it from getting damaged.

If the water level gets too low, add more water. It can also be collected by a small pump.

For mesh covers, use a small cover pump in your skimmer or on the top step in the shallow end to pump out and lower the water.



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