Pros and Cons of Saltwater Hot Tub 

A saltwater hot tub uses a salt cell to create chlorine, which is a chemical that can kill parasites and bacteria. This type of system works by mixing water with salt to create chlorine.

Many people who use saltwater hot tubs swear by the convenience of using it. They also love how it's very easy to use. However, some people have concerns about how it can affect the water's texture and taste.


Saltwater Hot Tub - Pros

Softer & Silkier Water

This product is made with sodium chloride, which is a natural saltwater that feels like a mineral bath. It's also the same salt that's in the ocean.

A bag of pool salt is ideal for adding to a spa water supply. It's cheap and provides a slightly salty texture to the water.

For a basic salt bath, add 2 pounds of pool salt to a 100 gallons of spa water. This is a great way to add a little bit of salt to your spa water.


No More Sanitizer

A saltwater hot tub is a great alternative to storing chlorine tablets or bromine. It can also be used with minimal chemicals. However, keep in mind that it still needs to be shock-activated to remove chlorine.


No More Odor

The chlorine in the pool and in the spa smell bad. However, I still can smell it on my skin and hair after being in the bath.

The smell of chlorine is similar to that of bromamines or chloramines. Salt systems are less likely to produce these unusual chemicals since they're used up.


Buffered Water

To reach 2,000-3,000 ppm, add about 2 pounds of salt per 100 gallons of water.

It takes about 2 lbs. of water to reach 2,000-3,000 ppm. A 1 oz bottle of water contains about 2 lbs of salt.

Adding salt to the water dilutes the dissolved solids, making the water less aggressive.


Saltwater Hot Tub - Cons

Saltwater Corrosion

The main issue with saltwater hot tubs is that they can cause corrosion. At normal levels, this should not cause any problems. However, if your pump shaft does get worn out, we can usually provide a replacement.


Salt Cell Replacement

The salt cell used in saltwater hot tubs is an electrolytic cell that will eventually lose its coating. You can replace it once the cell has reached its lifespan, but not the power supply.


Warm Water Only

When used for pools and spas, a lot of chlorine can be produced at low water temperatures. However, this produces little chlorine output when used over time.

Many salt systems will automatically shut down if the water temperature drops below 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a safety feature that's usually not needed for hot tubs and spas.


Bromine is Better

Although chlorine is commonly used in hot tubs, bromine has certain characteristics that make it better than chlorine.

Most of the arguments against tablet chlorine are made against the use of chlorine that was generated from salt. Although tablet chlorine is still chlorine, it is still very effective at reducing chlorine levels.

Although chlorine is still used in some saltwater hot tubs, it's not the same as the tablets. Instead, it's pure hypochlorus acid. The water in your spa will be more balanced, and the smell will be great.



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