Non-Chlorine Spa Shock

Many people ask why they use non-Chlorine spa shock. In order to properly answer this question, we need to understand what does it do and why it is important to use it.

Sanitizing the water in a spa is the most important maintenance that you can do to keep the facility running smoothly. It's important to keep the water clean to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

The warm water of hot tubs can be a breeding ground for harmful microbes. Not maintaining an effective sanitizer system can allow these organisms to thrive.

A Sanitizer such as Chlorine, Bromine, Nature2, or Spa Frog is used to kill the harmful microorganisms in the water. These chemicals are commonly used in the spa industry to keep the water safe and healthy.

The first is to kill the microorganisms while the second is to remove the non-filterable materials from your water, such as soap films and hair spray. Both of these are very labor-intensive. MonoperoxySulfate or MPS Shock is a non-chemical compound that will kill the microorganisms while allowing the sanitizer to do its job.

When it comes to keeping your hot tub water clean, shocking is an essential component of any effective hand sanitizer. It can help keep the water running smoothly and at its peak efficiency.


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