Pool Damage During Winter: How Does This Happen?

A Leak

The pool liner is the most common cause of pool wall buckles. It forms ice on top of the pool and then releases water that has been under the ice.\

You should never allow children to sit on the top of the pool wall. This will damage the pool's structural integrity and cause more damage than just a 1-ton kid.


Shattered Pool Liner

Pool Liner cuts or total obliteration happen to many pools with buckled pool walls. The cause is the same, a leak!

The pool walls are metal, and the metal conducts the cold to the pool water. This conduction causes sheets of ice form along the whole length of the pool wall first. Then the wall ice forms a wall-like structure that's made up of ice-cake. The resulting ice-cake forms an ice-in. The ice-in then breaks the vinyl liner.

Sometimes, you will get what we call guillotine cuts on the edges of your pool liner. The ice sheets formed as the water receded. It then moved along the pool walls like a guillotine blade.


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