About How to Blow Out Pool Lines for Winter: Q&A

Can You Blow Out Pool Lines Using an Air Compressor?

You could use a pool line compressor to blow out the lines, but it could also cause damage to the fittings and pipes. Pool line blowers are known to have low pressure, but they also have a great amount of air volume. In addition, they can blow out pool lines with minimal air loss.


Can You Blow Out Pool Lines Using a Shop Vac?

Canneral sizes should be able to handle the water resistance of up to 5HP. However, wet/dry vacs may not be able to handle the air pressure that comes with heavy resistance.


Can You Blow Out Pool Lines Using a Leaf Blower?

It seems logical that this could work. However, it didn’t work very well in our tests. It could be used for shallow skimmers and return lines.


The Best Solution?

The Cyclone Pool Line Blower will blow the main drains of your pool without leaving the water level too low. It’s also designed to work on small and deep lines. The versatility of the Cyclone air blowers makes them an excellent choice for home use. They can be used to blow out pool liners, as well as perform other tasks such as vacuum setting.


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