How To Prepare To Blow Out the Pool Lines
The right equipment for the job, in this instance, is the Cyclone Pool Blower, shown right. A suitable substitute to purge pool lines would be the Mighty Vac 2-in-1 Blower and Vacuum.
  • Lower the water level 4-12″ below skimmer, depending on your pool cover type.
  • Remove filter, pump, and heater drain plugs to drain water. Replace loosely.
  • Drain, hand pump, or scoop water out of the skimmer(s) until almost empty.
  • Set the multiport valve to “Recirculate,” or to the “Filter” position for slide valves.


Next, Connect Your Cyclone to the Skimmer:

pool hose adapterYou’ll need to have two extra items, which I’ve neglected to mention until now. First, you need small 3 or 6 ft. section of hose to connect to the Cyclone. And second, you’ll need an adapter to screw the hose securely into the bottom of the skimmer.

Most inground pool skimmers have two holes in the bottom when you look down into them. Usually the poolside hole is blocked off, and the deck-side hole is connected to the pipe. If both holes in the skimmer are open, then you have what most call a “combo skimmer.” In this case, the poolside hole in the bottom connects to the bottom drain of the pool, and the deck-side one is connected to the skimmer pipe. For combo skimmers, plug the main drain hole with a winter pool plug, and thread your hose adapter into the other hole that leads to the pump.

Thread the 1.5″ hose adapter into the bottom hole in your skimmer that connects to the pump. If your skimmer has 2″ holes in the bottom, you can use a plumbing adapter available at any home store, called a pvc reducer 2x1.52″ x 1.5″ threaded reducer. This PVC fitting is threaded on both sides, inside and out, to allow a standard hose adapter to fit a 2″ skimmer hole.

Attach a 1.5″ hose to the hose adapter, the other end to the Cyclone blower, and plug your blower into a grounded extension cord or directly into an outlet. You’re now ready to blow out your pool plumbing lines!


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