How To Blow Out Pool Lines

1. Blow Out the Suction Side

The suction side of the pump is where the incoming lines come from. Most pools have a couple of skimmers and a main drain line.

If there are two skimmers in your system, you can easily blow air from one to the other. This method works by removing the valve from one of the pumps.

If you have a hose that can be connected to another skimmer, this prevents you from reaching into the device and plugging it. Mist air through the skimmer lines until it's blowing out. Take a few minutes to blow the air out.

Position the valves on the main drain. Then, loosen the handle so that the water can flow from the pump to the drain.

When you see a massive plume of air coming from the drains, blow for a few seconds and then close off a valve on the main drain line. This will keep the air in the water and prevent it from flowing back out.

If there are other suction lines, such as a spa drain, turn the valves to separate the air from the skimmer.


2. Blow Out the Equipment

Using the filter valve, blow air through the pump. Now, remove the drain plugs from the pump. Make sure that the air is pushing the water out.

If you have a multiport valve, make sure that the handle is on the recirculate function. If you have a cartridge filter, make sure that the air goes through the filter.

If you are blowing air through a filter tank, you can leave the cartridge or DE filter grids inside. But make sure that the air bleeder valve is open and the tank clamp is secure before the blower is used.


3. Blow out the Pressure Side

Now that the air from the skimmer has blown through the pump, filter, and heater, we can now send it back to the pool through the return lines.

Before blowing, make sure the return lines are plugged. Pull the pool plug to the side of the pump and turn the wingnut until no bubbles appear.

If your spa has a return line or an automatic cleaner line, blow these out separately. When connected to a spa, use the spa's spa blower to blow air around the area.


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