Irreparable Freeze Damage

It was a snowy and ice-covered winter season in the US' Northeast. Although the damage was done by the snow and ice, the other factors were responsible for the freezing temperatures.

Above-ground pools that were properly winterized will not need to be replaced. However, some swimming pools that have been compromised will require a new liner.

If you have a pool that was damaged by the harsh winter, then you should definitely consider getting a pool liner replacement.


Many above ground pools have buckled under the weight of snow and ice. The pool wall can also get torn away from its structure.

Even if you are able to replace the wall, it will cost you around $800 to $1200 to install the wall. The other costs include the wall delivery and the liner. The various components are usually only a few hundred dollars more than a new pool kit.

When your pool wall got rolled up at the bottom, it locked itself into the wall track, which means that it cannot be dislodged without damaging it. This issue can be solved by having wall track installed correctly.

The reason why you can't fix it is that the wall that's holding the pool up lost its height when the weather got worse.

The wall is the biggest component of a swimming pool. And are the most expensive.


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