Types of Pool Heaters

Although most of us love swimming, there are some people who live in places where it's not always possible to enjoy the pool year-round. Fortunately, there are ways to extend the life of your pool by investing in modern technology.

There are a variety of heaters to choose from, and many questions to ask before diving into the pool industry.


Electric Pool Heaters

These heaters use a metal heating element that's connected to the pool's filter. The heated water then flows through the system's filtration. Electric swimming pool heaters are simple to install and are often cheaper than traditional ones. They can also work seamlessly with almost any type of pool.

Although electric pool heaters are more energy-efficient than traditional gas ones, they can take a while to warm up the water. This means that your electric heater has to be running all the time to keep up with the demand.


Gas or Propane Pool Heaters

Aside from being incredibly energy-efficient, gas swimming pool and spa heaters are also small and cheap. They can perform well in different temperatures. Since gas pool heaters typically require the connection of your gas line, it’s important to have a professional install them. If you don’t have a gas line, a propane swimming pool heater is an excellent choice. They require no installation and are quick and easy to use.

Aside from the issues that come with installing a pool heater, the main downside of using gas or propane is that they tend to last a shorter lifespan.


Solar Pool Heaters

A solar-powered pool heater is an excellent choice for minimizing energy consumption and improving the environment's health. Solar heaters are great for minimizing energy consumption and keeping the pool looking its best.

You also need to be able to see the sun in order to properly utilize solar power. You need to have enough room to install solar pool heaters. Space is also an important factor to consider when choosing a solar pool heater. Solar pool heaters are among the most energy-efficient types of swimming pool heaters available. But they are expensive.


Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a type of pool heater that's designed to provide heat to the water. It's like a pool heater that draws and distributes the warm air from the outside.

A pool heat pump is an affordable and easy-to-use pool device that will keep the water at its ideal temperature. Also, it can run 24 hours a day.

Although a heat pump is commonly used for swimming pool heaters, it is not a good choice if you live in areas with extremely cool air temperatures.


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