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If you’re planning on getting a swimming pool someday, but are not sure how much space and budget it will take, a Bestway pool might be a good alternative.

Having an above-ground pool provides you with long-term security, as it doesn’t require regular maintenance. It can be set up once the weather is warm, and it will be ready for the winter season.

It’s important that you regularly use pool chemicals to keep it clean and safe.

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Green / Cloudy Water / Slippery Sides Algae Shock dose with Chlorine and add Algaecide.
Too much chlorine Overdose

1. Drain pool to a minimum (watch mark) and re‑fill with fresh water to maximum.

2. Take the cover off from a pool to allow evaporation of the chemicals (keep the pool filter running!).

PH hard to control Alkalinity too low or too high

1. Test Alkalinity levels and adjust if needed.

2. Test pH levels and adjust if needed.

Can't maintain chlorine levels Chlorine levels are fluctuating, the pool has been left and gone stagnant or other chemical levels are not correct.

For regular chemical levels in the pool, test strips are recommended. The filter pump should be turned on for at least four hours a day to keep the water flowing.

If the chlorine levels are fluctuating, it's important to check other chemical levels as well. Also, since the pool is frequently used, it might be necessary to increase the chlorine levels.

If you're planning on going away, then it's important to clean and empty the pool before you return. Doing so will allow the water to remain fresh.

Cloudy water Poor chemical control or inappropriate filtration

1. Clean or replace filter cartridge.

2. Check chemical levels and adjust if necessary (chlorine/PH).

3. Use a Pool Clarifier to remove small particles.

4. Shock Dose.

If the problem persists:

5. Empty the pool and re‑fill with fresh water.

Rough pool sides / edges Scale formation due to high calcium levels in water 1. Ensure PH levels are correct using Dip Test Strips.

2. Use a Pool Scale Controller to stop calcium precipitating.

3. Clear and clean debris screens, pipework and check pool filter for build up. You may need to descale the filter pump as well.
No colour change on test strip dip test Too high chlorine leading to bleaching of indicator pads (over 15ppm chlorine) Check expiry date on Pool Test Strips. Wait for chlorine level to drop and re-test.

Check for faulty or counterfeit test strips.
Foaming Detergent, cosmetic products or excessive algaecide use Use Foam Remover.

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