How Long Do Bestway Pools Last?

Hi! Today we're talking about how long Bestway pools last.

The longevity of Bestway above-ground pool will be determined by various factors.

Aside from the type of pool structure that you choose, there are other reasons that can affect the longevity of your pool.

Some of these include the type of frame, the type of filter, and the climate of the area where you live.


Besides an above-ground pool, you also need to consider the type of liner that will cover the bottom and sides of your pool. There are various types of vinyl liner that you can choose from, such as expandable, overlapping, universal, and beaded. All of these will give you the same quality, though the only reason to choose one over the other is the style that works best for your pool.

The thickness of the liner is also important to consider when it comes to the longevity of your pool. Although thicker materials last longer, they will not last as long as the structure of your pool. You'll have to replace this component at some point, and it can range from 3 to 10 years depending on how well you maintain it.

Filter system

The filter system and pump can help prolong the life of your pool. Although it doesn't replace the structure of your pool, it can help maintain its quality and prevent debris from blocking the flow of water. There are multiple types of filter systems that can be used for your above ground pool.

  • A sand filter system is used to remove debris from the water before it can be pushed back into the pool. This type of filter system works by pushing the water through the pump.
  • Unlike a sand filter system, a cartridge filter has a cartridge that's designed to collect debris as it passes through the filter. This type of filter system runs on lower pressure.
  • A type of filter system that's similar to a sand filter is the D.E. filter, which is made of a type of mineral known as diatomaceous earth. Unlike sand filters, this type of filter system can catch smaller debris particles that sand typically doesn't catch.



The climate in which you live can affect how long your pool will last. Aside from the weather, other factors such as seasonal changes can also affect the quality of your pool.

Storms and weather conditions can cause structural damage to your pool's liner and cause it to get more worn out. Also, harsh winters can affect the quality of your pool.

Although you can have an above-ground pool in any climate, the level of care and maintenance that you put into it will affect its longevity.


Aside from the weather, other factors such as seasonal changes can also affect the quality of your pool. Having the proper maintenance and care of your pool can help keep it swimming for a long time.

One of the most important steps that you can take to maintain your pool's quality is to regularly clean it. This can be done by using a robotic pool cleaner.

Aside from regularly cleaning your pool, you should also take care of it. Having a cover over it can help keep it safe from the elements and maintain its longevity.


A properly maintained and climate-controlled above-ground pool can last for up to 20 years. Given that you have a variety of options when it comes to choosing a pool, here are some factors that can extend its lifespan.


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