Above Ground Pool: About Leveling

Having an above-ground pool can be a bit challenging. One of the most common issues that people encounter when it comes to setting up the pool is how to level it after it has been filled with water. This can be caused by various factors such as the legs having settled into the ground or the initial setup not being able to accommodate the water.

An above-ground pool should be set on level ground. Manufacturers of pools typically state that it should be at least an inch above the ground, while those who are prone to being OCD try to do it better. Having a pool that is off by more than three inches is considered to be unsafe.

The footings of the pool should be within an inch of the ground's elevation. If the ground is at an elevation that's close to the top rail, the pool's top surface will automatically follow the footings. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that their measurements are off until they have filled the pool with water. This can lead to them having to figure out how to level the pool after it has been filled.

Sometimes, a pool will be level when it's erected, and then after a couple of rains, the water around the base of the pool will cause the ground to rise and cause the pool's footings to sink. Having a pool that is off by more than three inches can be considered dangerous.

Consequences of improper leveling of the pool

Let's consider the following scenario: Your family and friends are having an afternoon in your pool, and some of them are sitting just a few feet away from the pool. Suddenly, the side of the pool begins to rip open and the water begins to lean. Before anyone can take action, the water has already filled the yard and caused a huge amount of damage.

Even if the pool doesn't collapse, the unequal pressure can still affect the frame and track of the pool. An above-ground pool's supports are not designed to carry the same loads around the frame and legs.


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