Above Ground Pool: How to Level It?

If you plan on having a swimming pool, make sure that it is placed on a well-consolidated and virgin soil. Also, be careful about filling the site with fill that was excavated from the building site.

To avoid having the pool's legs sink into the ground, make sure that the area is leveled. Also, make sure that the legs are placed on solid blocks. This ensures that the pool's legs will not sink into the ground even if the ground looks solid.

1. Using a 5 to 6 foot 2x4, and a heavy-duty level will also help prevent the pool's legs from sinking into the ground. All of the 2x4's ends, middle, and beginning are level between the cement pavers.

2. You can also rent a builder's level or use a laser sight. Although this method will involve the help of a person, it can be faster than using a manual level.

3. The pool's legs should be level with the surface of the ground around them. To do this, get cement pavers, and make sure that they are level with the other joints of the frame and track. You will have to dig down to make the concrete pavers level with the ground. 8x8 or 4x8 inch thick cement pavers are the most common type of floor for this project. The size of the cement pavers should also be larger than the pool's legs to allow for slight movements while filling it. This will allow kids to do cannonball runs or make large waves in the pool.

4. Intex recommends using pressure treated boards instead of concrete pavers for their rectangular pools. These boards will support the legs in a way that prevents them from hanging off the sides. Also, the support should be large enough so that the legs can spread out as the pool is being filled.

5. Cement is not recommended for use in pools, it can cause severe wear and tear on the bottom surface. Most types of cement slabs have a slope that helps drain water, which is unsuitable for pools.

Congrats! Now you're ready to fill your above-ground pool!


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