Above Ground Pool: Water Level and How to Use It

Getting the level of blocks or pavers is the key to having a level pool. Having a water level is an inexpensive way to check that each of them is the same height. You can build one yourself or buy it from Amazon.

To make a water level, attach a hose to two jack stands and place them next to each other. When the water reaches the desired height, add some food coloring to the water. You can then mark the height of the tube using a piece of tape. If you raise or lower the ends of the tube, the water level will remain constant. However, the mark you made on the tube will either be above or below the "level" mark.

You should choose one type of paver that you want to level the rest of the pool. Place one end of the water level on a reference high paver, and the other end on a different one. Doing so will allow you to see if the water level is too high or too low for that particular type of paver. After making the necessary adjustments, move on to a new location and start over.

Take a look at the water in the tube and the sides of your pool. If the water level is the same along the sides of the pool, then the water's height does not change. However, if the sides are out of level, the water's height may have changed.

After you have gotten the level of the various types of pavers, do a final check to make sure that they are all level. With one end of the block placed on a reference, move the other end to another to see how close they are. Having patience and taking your time will allow you to get the level of the blocks within 1/2 inch.

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