Above Ground Pool: How to Level a Pool Filled with Water

If your water level is off by over three inches, then you should fix it. Unfortunately, there are many safety issues associated with the improper level of a pool. Here is the best solution to ensuring that your pool is safe and fun this season.

1. You should drain your pool.

2. Disassemble the pool, then allow the ground (where was the pool) to dry.

3. Make sure that the area where the pool's track and frame will be is level. Even if you hire someone to do this, you will have to dig the ground down. Don't add sand or dirt to the area to raise the high spots. Doing so will make all of your work for nothing.

This steps will ensure that your above-ground pool can be used all season long. It will also prevent it from experiencing any issues, such as a burst or a warped frame. It's the least that you can do to keep your family and investment safe.

What You Should NOT To Do

Don't try and move or cut the legs of your pool. Doing so can cause stress on the frame and track, as well as the liner, which can lead to odd angles in the pool. Many people also suggest this method, but it can also cause problems with the pool's water flow.

Cutting the legs of your pool is also a huge safety hazard that you should avoid. Doing so can cause severe damage to the structure of the pool.

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