Pool Blaster Max-Li Cordless Rechargeable

Even though it can be very labor-intensive, swimming pool cleaning can be done with the right equipment. The Water Tech Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner will make the cleaning of your pool easier and less time-consuming.

This device is a pool cleaner that works like a vac cleaner on the surface of your pool. It only needs to be turned on before it will clean the pool.


How the Max-Li works

The Max Li Pool Blaster is a vacuum cleaner that's designed to keep your pool clean. It features a large, 10.5-inch vacuum head that sucks dirt and debris from the surface of your pool. It's also small enough to be easy to move around.

The vacuum head features a self-inflating surface that makes it easier to grip. It also comes with five wheels so it can be rolled on the pool surface.

You will need to purchase an additional pole to make it easier to reach all parts of your pool. This additional pole will be needed to be attached to the bottom of the unit.


Large Multilayer Filter

The X-Treme multi-layer filter is designed to reduce the amount of debris that gets stuck in the pool after using a filter that's too fine.

This filter is designed to remove both large and fine debris from your vehicle. It does so by allowing the user to pick up both large and fine debris without leaving the filter cluttered.



The Max Li pool cleaner is equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that gives it enough juice to clean the pool for up to one hour. It's ideal for people with limited time or who regularly clean their pool.

When you recharge, the pool cleaner has a charging port that's connected to a power outlet. The fast charging method makes it complete in about 4 hours.


Easy to connect

The assembly of this Water Tech Pool Cleaner is relatively easy. Just follow the instructions in the manual, and it will take less than five minutes to get working. You do not need to hire a skilled technician to get it started.

Before you can start using it, however, make sure that the extension pole is set up properly. This will allow you to easily access the charging port. Once it is fully charged, turn it on and keep it submerged in the pool.


Easy to clean filter

Since most people do not need to replace their filter due to its mechanical damage, just empty it once and use a garden hose to clean it.

Just like when assembling, it’s easy to remove and re-fitting the filter. The handles are designed to give you an easy way to do so. The locking mechanism also helps keep the filter in place.


No hoses or cables

One of the most challenging parts of a pool cleaner is the cords and hoses that come with it. Since it's a rechargeable device, it can charge itself once it's used.

The compact unit features a pump that's housed inside it, allowing the vacuum to be generated and the debris to be collected. This unit is ideal for minimizing the amount of water required to operate a swimming pool system.


Strong Vacuuming

The Pool Blaster Max-Li is a powerful vacuum that will clean your pool and spa efficiently. It has a compact design that makes it easy to use.

The high-flow pump works by extracting dirt and other debris from the pool surface. It does its job by directing the flow of water to the areas that it sees most.

The vacuum head has wheels on it, which allow the cleaner to move dirt and debris away from the floor without being too heavy. These wheels also allow for easy lifting.



The Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li is a great choice if you're looking for an affordable and easy-to-use pool cleaner. However, it's not the ideal choice for a large swimming pool since it will take a long time to clean.


Pool Blaster Max Li

This is the workhorse of the Pool Blaster line.

  • High flow, vacuum motor
  • Spot-Cleaning nozzle
  • Brushes for Vinyl lined pools
  • Wheels for Concrete or Gunite pools
  • Built-in Hanging Notch for easy storage
  • Long-life, powerful, Rechargeable Battery
  • High-quality Recharger
  • Filter Bag

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