Water Tech's POOL BLASTER Max HD Cordless

The Pool Blaster HD Max Cordless Pool Cleaner is ideal for in-ground pools since it doesn't rely on cables, pumps, or hoses. It's also quieter than most of its competitors.

Since it uses its own suction power, it can provide a cleaner and more powerful cleaning job for your pool. It doesn't rely on cords and hoses.

This handheld cleaner features an improved motor that provides even more suction power. It's designed to pick up dirt and other debris.

The Pool Blaster HD Max has various features that will help you get rid of debris and keep your pool clean. It can be used with its head for large cleaning passes. It's also designed to work on tight corners.

This item features a large debris chamber. This feature will allow you to keep the container running smoothly even though it's full of dirt. It's also designed to allow you to clean it out much faster.

Push a button to get the handheld vacuum powered up. Its rechargeable battery lasts for up to 4 hours. It's also easy to charge while you're in the pool.



  • Crevice corner nozzle included
  • Fully charged in 4 hours
  • 1-hour run time


  • Need to frequently clean collector bag


Water Tech's POOL BLASTER Max HD

This is a handheld pool vacuum that works independently of your pools filtration system.

  • Great for use in spas and fountains, or to quickly spot vac trouble spots.
  • Operates for 60-mins on a fully charged 8.4 Volt lithium ion battery.
  • No hoses or cords required for a battery operated pool vac.
  • Redesigned water vents allow more debris to be collected.
  • Pool Blaster MAX Li-HD has great reviews from users.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty from Watertech.
  • Strong enough to vacuum the entire pool.



• Up to 60 minutes run time
•Push button ON/OFF switch
 (1)Reusable X-Treme multi layer filter bag that removes leaves, sand, and debris
• Vacuum head width: 10.5"
• Crevice corner nozzle: Yes
• Scrubbing brushes: Yes
• Warranty: 1 year limited
• SKU# -32000HL
• Power Rating 380
• Minimum operating depth:14.25” @ 45 degree angle
• Lithium powered, fully rechargeable in 4 hours
• Unit Size: L-23.50" x W-10.50" x H-7.50"
• Unit Weight: 5.78 lbs


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