Water Tech's POOL BLASTER Hydro 500

The Pool Blaster Hydro 500 is a powerful pool cleaner that works seamlessly on almost any surface. It is not used for larger pools, but it is great for cleaning those under-ground spa features and water features.

A cord-free, rechargeable pool cleaner that's easy to use and removes debris from a pool or spa. The well-balanced design makes it a great tool for quick cleanup.

This product features a 4-piece sectional pole that can be attached to a water feature for an extended-reach cleanup job.

One of the questions about the Hydro 500 is how well it picks up debris. In my tests, we found that it was able to pick up a good amount of dirt and leaves. Also, the bag has a good capacity for debris.

The Hydro 500 is a great choice for a small vacuum cleaner. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that is capable of charging quickly. It is also budget-conscious enough to fit most of your household.


Water Tech's POOL BLASTER Hydro 500

  • CONVENIENT CLEANING: Perfect for quick and easy cleaning in the Hot Tub or Spa and the swimming pool. Push-Button operation, no hoses or cords needed.
  • QUICK RELEASE: One-click connection makes it easy to empty debris chamber between cleanings. Includes a removeable 10.5” vacuum head.
  • CAPTURE MORE DIRT: Pool Blaster Hydro 500 features 2X debris capture chamber than the standard cleaners. Strong suction for a variety of debris; acorns, twigs, leaves dirt and sand with enhanced debris retention valve.
  • RUN TIME: The lithium ion battery powered Hydro 500 is designed to run up to 45 minutes.
  • WHATS INCLUDED: 10.5" Vacuum Head w/Soft-Bristle Brush, Wall Charger, (1) X-Treme Multilayered Filter Bag, Four piece pole set (45" length)

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  • Up to 45 minutes run time
  • Push button ON/OFF switch
  • Reusable Xtreme multi-layered filter that removes leaves, sand, and debris
  • Vacuum head Width: 10.5"
  • Crevice corner nozzle: Yes
  • Scrubbing brushes: Yes
  • Four piece pole set (45" length) included
  • Warranty: 1 year limited
  • SKU# -26051SL
  • Lithium powered, fully rechargeable in 4 hours
  • Minimum operating depth:14.25” @ 45 degree angle
  • Unit size: L-21.50" x W-10.50" x H-8.0"
  • Unit weight: 3.90 lbs


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