Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly

The GW9500 Pool Cleaner from Pentair is a great option for people who regularly clean their pool. It features a built-in brush that helps remove dirt and grime from the floor and walls.

It is a great choice for people who are looking for a pool cleaner that's well-equipped and designed to work seamlessly in various types of pools. This unit is also designed to work seamlessly even after being installed.


Smarttrac System

Most pool cleaners feature patented technology that helps them perform their tasks. One example of this is the Pentair DW9500 Pool Cleaner, which features a Smarttrac steering system. This component allows the cleaner to perform complex tasks while avoiding human interaction.


Efficient Bristle Brush

The GW9500 from Pentair is different from other pool cleaners by using a moving mechanism that’s designed to propel it across the pool. It is designed to thoroughly clean the pool floor from the deepest part to the shallow end. It can also be adjusted to get the most out of its flow rate.

The handle telepole adapter is very useful when guiding the pool cleaner. It allows the user to easily move the cleaner over areas that the cleaner failed to reach.


Suits Every Pool Type

Aside from being free-form, there are also various types of swimming pools. Some of these include kidney-shaped or angular shapes. Fortunately, there are pool cleaners that can clean all these.

This unit is ideal for all types of pool surfaces. It can also clean all types of vinyl, fiberglass, and gunite pool surfaces.


Perfect Shape

The Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner features a rectangular cleaning path that's designed to thoroughly clean the pool surface. Its innovative design eliminates the need for multiple moving parts.


How this Pool Cleaner Works

The GW9500 Pool Cleaner is a dual-purpose unit that can perform both cleaning and vacuums simultaneously. Its ability to remove algae from the water and keep the sand and debris in the pool effectively makes it a must-have for any pool cleaner.

It is capable of removing debris from the bottom of the pool. It travels across the pool's slopes and shapes perfectly.



  • Requires minimal and easy assembly
  • Powerful and dislodges tough dirt and stains
  • Usable on all pool types
  • Effective bristle cleaning mechanism


  • Does not climb stairs
  • Takes longer time to clean.
  • Requires variable speed pool pumps for effective cleaning.



The Pentair GW9500 Pool Cleaner is a powerful and well-designed suction cleaner that's ideal for keeping swimming pools and spas clean.

The brushless motor, which cleans even the toughest debris, is one of the many features that make this unit stand out. It is also easy to use, and its programmable steering valve lets you control it.



Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly

The Pentair GW9500 Kreepy Krauly is a great tool for removing debris from swimming pools and other aquatic areas. Its unique design helps keep the pool cleaner and prevents the buildup of debris.

  • Bristle-drive dislodges tough dirt and debris for quick and thorough cleaning
  • Programmed steering easily navigates around pool obstacles for uninterrupted cleaning
  • Cuts a wide 15 in. path for quick cleaning
  • Free Vac-Port door fitting for installation into dedicated vacuum line
  • Adjustable regulator valve and free flow gauge let you set just the right cleaning speed to assure the most affective cleaning
  • No assembly required. Just hook to hose and go

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  • Type: Suction
  • Pool type: In-ground
  • Requires booster pump: No
  • Onboard filter bag: No
  • Hose length: 40 feet
  • Sweeper tail: no
  • Pool coverage: floor and walls
  • Weight: 18.8lbs


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