Hayward W3TVP700C TriVac 700 Pressure Pool Cleaner

Although pressure cleaners are great for keeping your pool water crystal clear, they can't remove most of the debris that floats on the surface.

Pressure cleaning is a great way to keep your pool water clear. However, they can’t do most of the work when it comes to keeping it clean.

The TriVac 700 is the only pressure cleaner that can effectively remove dirt and debris from the surface of the water while also cleaning the pool's walls and floor. It's the only machine that can do this in addition to scrubbing the floor.


Easy on Pool Surfaces

TriVac 700 is equipped with patented AquaDrive technology, which helps remove dirt and debris from any in-ground pool. Its high-powered water jets provide superior coverage and are designed to propel itself forward.


Faster and Efficient Operation

TriVac 700 features a short back-up sequence that allows it to quickly and easily maneuver through obstacles. It also has the ability to clean both sides of the screen with a simple turn of a dial.

Booster pump of this cleaner is an easy-to-use and secure pump that will automatically turn on once the unit is used. It features a quieter design and is designed to use up to 40% less electricity than standard pumps.


Captures More Debris

The TriVac 700's powerful sweep hose and wide vacuum inlet help get rid of dirt in hard-to-reach areas. Its patented extra-large debris bag makes it easy to carry and store all of the debris.


Hayward TriVac 700 Pressure Pool Cleaner

The TriVac 700 is the only pressure cleaner that can remove debris from the surface of the pool. It also vacuums the pool floor and walls.

  • Low impact design for high impact results
  • Powerful jets propel TriVac cleaners easily and efficiently around the pool.
  • Unique short back-up sequence helps reduce cleaning time.
  • Low-friction wheels eliminate wear-and-tear on pool surfaces.
  • Three high-pressure venturi jets and a wide vacuum inlet easily pick up larger debris.

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