Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark

The Kreepy Krauly Lil’ Shark is a great addition to the pool cleaning industry. It features a suction-side pool cleaner that works seamlessly on above-deck pools.


Above-Ground Pools with Vinyl Liners
The Lil' Shark is a pool cleaner that works seamlessly with vinyl pools. Its suction capabilities are optimized for these types of pools.

Double-Band Scrub Brushes
These double-band scrub brushes feature two rings of stiff bristles that help minimize debris. They are designed to complement the suction of a pool cleaner and are ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as pool decks and tile.

10-inch Cleaning Path
The Lil’ Shark has a wide cleaning path that allows it to thoroughly clean both shallow and deep-draft pools. Its suction hose measures only 30 inches wide.

The Lil’ Shark is a great choice if you’re looking for a pool cleaner that can remove debris from your pool. Its compact size and removable central agitator make it incredibly durable.

Smart Randomized Navigation
Like its counterpart, the Lil’ Shark uses its body to maneuver underwater. It does so by carefully moving along the pool's floors and using its random trajectory to clean.

Simple Installation
The Lil’ Shark is ready to go! Just follow the simple instructions below to install it. You only have to follow the steps once to get started!

Ideal for Small Debris
This pool cleaner can remove small debris such as dirt, insects, and sand. It can also be used to remove larger objects such as dead leaves and acorns.

Unable to Climb Walls
The Lil’ Shark is not designed to handle wall cleaning. Instead, it uses a random route on the pool’s floor. This leaves the user with a manual job cleaning the pool’s walls.

Does Not Become Waterlogged
This is a great addition to any pool or spa. Its belly is empty and doesn't have a protruding lid. Its dual-band bristles are designed to keep the device steady and in place.


The Lil' Shark from Pentair is a great pool cleaner for people who have vinyl liner pools. It will remove dirt and debris from the pool in under two hours. If you have a short hose kit, you'll need to add more.


Pentair 360100 Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark

  • Dual Band Of Bristles Scrub Debris Loose While Powerful Vacuum Whisks It Away
  • Programmed Cleaning Provides More Complete Coverage Without The Missed Spots Other Cleaners Often Leave Behind
  • Cuts A Wide 10" Path For Quick And Thorough Cleaning
  • Simple Design Features One Moving Part For Long Dependable Life
  • No Assembly Required Just Hook 'Lil Shark Cleaner to The Hose And Go

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  • Type: Suction side pool cleaner
  • Pool type: Above ground
  • Hose length: 33′
  • Weight: 13.1lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year


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