PAXCESS 1809 Suction Side Pool Vacuum Cleaner

PAXCESS 1809 Suction Side Pool Cleaner works with pool pumps for maximum efficiency, which is easy to clean your in-ground swimming pool automatically

This pool vacuum is made to be easily assembled. It features a self-inflating hose that allows the pool's leaves and debris to not leak out. It's also designed to thoroughly clean the pool.

This pool cleaner will automatically remove dirt and debris from your pool's surface. It's also compatible with most existing filtration systems.

PAXCESS 1809 pool vacuum could clean your swimming pool with minimal noise. Perfect for cleaning dirt, sand, and debris. No worry about any scuffs

This diaphragm is made of durable material and has a long-life diaphragm. It's also equipped with a 12 month guarantee.


Automatic Cleaning

  • Ideal pool cleaning assistant for you.
  • No electricity needed - This suction side pool vacuum is designed to work seamlessly with your existing pool filter system. Its smart cleaning design helps keep the water clean and fresh.
  • Wall-climbing Cleaning - This pool cleaner with automatic wall climb function for in-ground pools thoroughly removes all debris from all surfaces!


Powerful Side Suction

  • With its powerful suction side, the PAXCESS 1809 Pool Cleaner can clean your pool more comprehensively.

  • This durable and thickened pleated pool seal is ideal for use with various pool surface types. Its flexible base plate allows it to adapt to different cleaning paths and areas.
  • The Deflector Wheel elevates the vacuum's stability while cleaning. It also allows the cleaner to work even in tight spaces.


16pcs-24in Hoses

  • The pool cleaner features an air-proof design that will keep the dirt and debris in the pool at bay. It's also 16pc-24in long and has upgraded hose clamps.
  • Please note that the hoses' length needs to exceed the diameter of your pool.


Not recommended for cleaning the stair

  • It is not recommended to clean stairs in the pool while using the pool cleaner vacuum. Also, it is not necessary to clean curved surfaces while using the pool cleaner.


Ideal for inground pools

  • No more extra labor or hard working needed to clean your swimming pool. A PAXCESS pool suction cleaner ensure you enjoy more leisure time.
  • This high efficiency and low maintenance cleaning vacuum is ideal for removing dirt and dust from kitchen counters, chairs, and other areas.


PAXCESS 1809 Suction Side Pool Vacuum Cleaner

  • Clean The Wall
  • Cooperate With Pool Filtration System
  • Effectively Cleaning
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Package And Warranty

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