Paxcess S2021-1 Upgraded Suction Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Pool Vacuum Cleaner
The upgraded 2021 pool vacuum cleaner features a main body stabilizer that can help prevent the pipe balance and reduce the water flow resistance. It is also beneficial to clean the pool efficiently.

Easy to assemble

  • Position the disk to the main body B of the seal and face upward with the pleats. Flat the other side to face down to keep the pool surface from fogging up.
  • The hand wheel C is fitted onto the main body B, make sure it is cilcked into and can rotate freely.
  • Connect the pool vacuum cleaner hoses one by one. Then you can attach this pool vacuum cleaner to your existing filtration system for cleaning.

Strong Suction Side
With its powerful suction, the PAXCESS S2021-1 Pool Cleaner can clean the pool gently and thoroughly. Its Deflector Wheel helps the cleaner keep its balance in the water.

Clean Area Note
This product is not designed to clean the stairs in the pool. Instead, it's designed to work on the pool's curved surfaces.

Wall Cleaning
This pool cleaner vacuum can thoroughly clean the walls and floors of your pool to remove debris and algae. It also has an automatic climb feature to remove obstacles such as pebbles, tree seeds, and debris.


Paxcess S2021-1 Upgraded Suction Pool Vacuum Cleaner

  • Smooth Surfaces
  • Clean The Wall
  • Cooperate With Pool Filtration System
  • Efficient Cleaning & Super Quietly
  • Package And Warranty


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