PAXCESS HJ2052 with Wall-Climbing Function

With the rise of automated pool cleaners, pool owners can now hire a robot to clean their pool at any time of the day.

1.85-GPM Suction
The PAXCESS is a dual inlet pool cleaner that draws in water using its dual inlets. It doesn’t have an active scrubbers feature, so it can’t do a great job of loosening debris.

Top-Access Cartridges
The PAXCESS HJ2052 features a latch that opens and reveals two large filter baskets. These buckets are designed to catch anything that the robot has collected from the pool’s lining.

Random Cleaning Pattern
Instead of using GPS or other navigation software to follow its environment, the PAXCESS uses its own random cleaning trajectory. This makes it hard to follow its cleaning path and miss certain spots.

Cleans Floors and Walls
The PAXCESS HJ2052 is a great addition to any pool. Its tracks can easily reach the base of the pool, as well as the sides. It's also equipped with removable paddles that allow it to scale walls.

Auto-Cleaning Modes
The PAXCESS has three automatic cleaning modes that can be used for one, two, and three hours. These modes are designed to provide a thorough cleaning without requiring the use of navigation technology.

50-foot Swivel Cord
The PAXCESS has an anti-tangle swivel cord. This feature allows the robot to perform various underwater activities without choking itself.

Easy Setup
The PAXCESS is an easy-to-use water-based robot that eliminates the need for plumbing. It just pluges into the water and launches itself.


The PAXCESS HJ2052 is a great addition to any pool cleaning system because it can handle almost any type of pool water. It features a wide inlet filter and can scale walls to fit most pool sizes.



  • Wall-Climbing Function
  • Built To Provide A Deep Clean
  • Auto Clean Setting
  • Independent Cleaning Ability-No Rely on Pump
  • Easy Filter Cleaning




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