Overview of Swim Spa Covers
A swim spa is an invention that uses a jet pump to provide a great amount of water pressure. When activated, this feature allows one to swim against the current without having to turn on.

Michael Phelps has a line of swim spas that are made by Master Spas. These are great for both indoor and outdoor use.

A 4 panel or 6 panel swim spa cover is used. These are custom covers that are made to fit most swim spas. Our computer-assisted design process ensures that the fit is as precise as possible.

A swim spa cover that has 3 panels is not a good choice for most applications. Aside from being heavier than a standard pool cover, a 3 panel cover has fewer cross braces and can be stretched farther.

If your swim spa is outdoors, or if you have animals or kids, a strong cover that cannot be easily removed would be highly recommended.

There is another type of swim spa cover- a roll-up spa cover is a type of cover that's commonly used for swimming spas.It's a great option for minimizing the amount of time needed to remove it, but it also comes with various safety features.

A swimming spa cover with 8 or 10 cross braces is very strong, especially under heavy snow loads.

These swim spa covers are very lightweight and can be easily removed without a spa cover lifter. This makes them ideal for use with many different swim spas.

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