6 Electrical Safety Tips for your Hot Tub
We've talked about electrical hazards in general terms before, but today we are going to focus on a specific topic: hot tubs.

1. Proper Power Supply

When it comes to safety, the first thing that a spa should do is have the proper power supply. Usually, portable hot tubs and spas in the US use 240V to 120V.

The second thing is to make sure that your GFCI outlets and gfci breakers are working properly. Just push the reset buttons monthly.

When it comes to plugging a hot tub into a GFCI circuit, make sure that the breaker is labeled as a GFCI and the outlet is labeled as a standard back patio outlet.

240V is required for larger spas, typically coming from a 50amp breaker on the main circuit panel of a hot tub. An external cut-off box is also required to prevent the water from touching the device.

If your hot tub is having a hard time with the breaker, then it's time to upgrade the circuit or install a separate GFCI outlet and breaker. It's also important to avoid using an extension cord for the same plug.

If the heater element is tripping the breaker, it's time to check the breaker. If it holds steady, then it's time to remove the heater.


2. Nearby Metal Objects

If a metal object is near your spa, consider placing it in a safe place away from the facility. Also, if it gets attached to an unseen object, it could become energized.

When inspecting the area around the hot tub, make sure that the objects are not near a power source. Also, avoid touching anything that's near the water.


3. Nearby Power Sources

There should not be electrical outlets near the spa. Also, do not bring electrical appliances near the spa.Keep the electrical products away from the hot tub and away from the space heaters and fans.


4. Bonding & Grounding

Bonding is a copper wire that's used to prevent an electrical short from rupturing a component of a spa. This wire prevents the use of electricity for non-essential purposes.

Grounding is a wire that accompanies the electrical equipment that uses it. It is connected to the ground screw on the load.


5. Spa Pack Wiring

Most of the time, when it comes to hot tub and spa electrical hazards, they are not being shocked while in the tub.

Damage to the wires, especially those with sharp edges, can be dangerous. Also, a faulty ground or incorrectly bonded wire can cause the entire control box to malfunction.


6. Spa Lighting

The safety features of spa lights are designed to prevent accidental electrocution. However, if the spa light does not self drain, or if it has been improperly wired, there is a chance that it could still pose a hazard.


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