Hot Tub Tax
If you're thinking of buying a new hot tub this year, consider claiming it as a medical expense on your tax returns.

Medical expenses are often referred to as the cost of treatment or diagnosis. They are also referred to as the expenses of keeping a body function or body part functional.

These expenses are incurred by medical practitioners for their various services, such as providing legal advice and medical examinations.

In its tax filing guidelines, the IRS noted that individuals may be able to claim certain medical expenses on their tax returns. This can be done by claiming them as a tax deduction.

If a doctor has diagnosed a condition that can be treated with hydrotherapy or swimming, consumers may be able to claim a deduction for their hot tub and spa supplies.

Aside from being good for your health, hot tubs should also be considered as a medical expense if you have a doctor's recommendation.

Many conditions can qualify for a prescription for drugs such as antidepressants. Some of these include arthritis, back pain, and depression.

Due to its personal nature, a hot tub must be considered for its cure or prevention of disease before it can be sold.

If you have a hot tub but it's not for a prescribed treatment or therapy purpose, you may be able to deduct its cost. However, make sure that you have enough proof to get approved by the IRS.

You may also be able to deduct the expenses for the installation of special medical equipment in the home. This equipment should be used for the care of a person living in that home.

If a permanent improvement to your home increases the value of your property, it can be considered a medical expense. However, if the entire cost of the project is paid for by your medical insurance, then the entire increase in value can be considered a medical expense.

You should have a doctor's prescription to write off the purchase of a hot tub or spa. If you feel that you or a loved one could benefit from availing warm water therapy, then it's best to discuss the matter with a qualified health care professional.

Before buying a new spa, make sure that you have a tax professional in your area confirm that the expenses can be included as medical expense write-offs on your tax returns.


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