The Difference Between Hot Tubs vs Swimming Pools
Both hot tubs and swimming pools are designed to provide a relaxing environment. However, these features require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them running smoothly.

Hot tubs and spas are different from ordinary swimming pools. They should be maintained differently to avoid staining and draining their surface.


Water Volume per Person Ratio is Lower

Imagine that five people are invited to a party to enjoy a pool and spa. Each of them consumes about 100 gallons of spa water. In order to accommodate everyone, the pool's 25,000-gallon capacity would have to be filled with 250 guests.

The ratio plays a huge role in the overall cleanliness of a hot tub and spa. It's important to maintain it by following a regular cleaning schedule and asking your spa users to do the same.


Bacteria Thrive in Warm, Moist Areas

The warmth and moisture in a hot tub or spa can quickly colonize various components of a spa, such as the cover, the filter, and the plumbing lines. Overgrowth of bacteria in a hot tub can lead to skin infections. Also, the warm waters of a spa can stimulate bacterial growth, which can lead to an infection.


Water Chemistry Differs

Although they’re the same, the chemicals in pool and spa chemicals have different properties. For instance, hot water produces higher molecular activity, which makes the products behave differently.

Chlorine is a chemical that can quickly remove chlorine from a pool or water. However, it can also cause the water to become unstable and start to dissipate after reaching a certain temperature.

Since chlorine is a preservative that can withstand high temperatures, it's commonly used in hot tubs to protect them from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Some people also use bromine or ozone generators.

Using pool chemicals in a hot tub or spa can damage the equipment and cause the pH level to rise. It's also important to monitor the levels of chlorine and bromine in your hot tub to prevent over-chlorinated chemicals.


Hot Tubs Require Regular Draining

Hot tubs and spas require draining and cleaning regularly to maintain their water quality. This is because they use less water and have a low volume. Aside from draining the tub, it's also important to flush the pipes before they are used. This will help keep the biofilm from settling.

Aside from the obvious differences between them, there are also some key differences between swimming pools and spas. For instance, the use of an insulated spa cover is also different.

Although both types of aquatic equipment require the same maintenance, the care for both depends on the type of pool and spa combo you have. Also, make sure that you know the different requirements for running a hot tub.


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