Overview of Solar Hot Tub Heaters

Solar hot tubs are becoming more prevalent in campsites and off-grid homes. Eco-friendly heaters can turn a hot tub into a solar pool heater.

These solar heaters are the perfect project for a weekend getaway. They can heat up a hot tub or a small space with just 6 hours of sunlight.

My friend has a solar pool heater that heats up his spa in under 30 minutes. During winter, it can get quite cold outside, but it's still very comfortable in the pool.

When not in use, a solar heater can be used to provide hot tub heat at night. You can also use an alternative spa heater.


How to install a Solar Hot Tub Heater

1. Location of Solar Panels: One of the first things to consider when planning on where to put solar panels is the location of the panels. Generally, they should be mounted on a roof or rack. A rack can be made from angle iron or lumber, and it can be painted black. You can also build it on a fence.

2. Buy a Solar Pool Panel: A 4' x 20' solar panel is a good size for most spas. It will provide hot water to the area under 500 gallons per day. If you want to heat up the hot tub in under an hour, you'll need 4-5 of these panels.

3. Installation of Hot Tub Solar Panels: These solar pool panels are made of polypropylene and are designed to absorb more heat than traditional black spa heaters. Inside the box are two 2'x20' solar panels, end caps, a pipe adapter, and a diverter valve. Secure these components to the location to protect them from wind and tree branches.

Plumbing a Spa Solar Heater: This component is a custom part that will connect the solar panels to the spa's plumbing. It will allow the solar panels to turn off completely. Other items needed for plumbing near the pipe include couplings and directional fittings. A check valve is also needed to prevent water cycling.


Other Thoughts about Solar Hot Tub Heaters

- A solar controller is a device that can be used with a valve turner and temperature sensor to control a solar hot spa heater. This component is designed to automatically shut off when the conditions are not ideal for solar.

- If you have a solar-powered spa heater, make sure it is set to "heat only" the water before using it. Also, make sure the pump is turned off when the water reaches dangerous temperatures.

- Hot tub solar heaters can't work at night, and they can't work when it's overcast or raining. They tend to drop off in winter months, unless you live in the deep south.

- A booster pump is not typically needed for installations on a roof. However, if needed, a small spa circulation pump is ideal for the job.

- Use an insulated spa cover to keep the sun's heat and provide optimal cooling. A solar controller helps maintain the proper water temperatures.

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Hot tubs can be heated with solar heat, even in areas with little or no sun. This supplemental heating method works well in all parts of the U.S., including those with unobstructed sun.


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