How to Fix Hot Tub Jets?

Sometimes, we have a question why the hot tub jets are not working. This is a common spa question that most of us have experienced.

It's almost always an easy fix, and most of the time, it's not an issue that's going to require much attention. Just make sure that the jets are still flying at their usual speed.

The following guide will walk you through fixing spa jets.


Is the Pump Working Right?

Is the pump air-locked? This can happen if the hot tub has been drained. This is because some pumps need to loosen the air in the pipes in front of the pump to allow it to escape.

Some hot tubs have two pumps - one for filtration and one for jet booster. Most of the time, a two-speed pump is used for both applications.

If the jets seem to have less water than usual, it's likely that the pump is not turning on properly. In most cases, a digital spa's display will need to be pushed to enter its jet mode.

This component is used to activate the jet pump. It has a small switch that activates the air hose attachment. If this component gets damaged, it will need to be replaced.


Dirty Spa Filter?

A dirty filter can slow down the flow of water in your spa, but it won't completely stop it. It's important to note that a dirty filter can still work if your heater is working properly.

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Clogged Drain Cover?

The drain covers located in the foot well of a hot tub or a spa have powerful suction. If something gets in the way, it can block the flow of the water.



Low Water Level in Spa?

If the air in the spa is sucking in the water, this will cause the flow of water in the spa to be decreased. It can also shut off the heater.

You may need to add more water to the spa every so often to keep the water flowing and the cover tight against the body.


Air Leak in Front of Pump?

When it comes to an air leak, the most common issue is that the pump union is loose or the o-ring is out of position. It can also be a valve or a pipe connection.

If the pump is loose or has a cracked base, it will suck in air. Also, if the pump is ON, it will leak water. When the pump is off, look for any leaking or splashing on the pipe that goes into the pump.


Clogged Pump Impeller?

Since a good spa cover can keep the tub clean, it's usually not necessary to remove anything from the surface. However, if you leave the tub uncovered, or if it gets covered in leaves and other debris, this can cause the pump impeller to malfunction.

To check your pump's efficiency, shut off the power and close the valves on the sides of the pump. If the impeller is clogged, remove the pump unions and inspect the housing.

The screws or bolts that secure the impeller housing cover should be removed. Clean the vanes and the impeller using a flexible wire or plastic to remove the clogging material.


Is the Jet Adjustable?

Many jet models have an adjustable nozzle or a rotating outer ring. These features can be turned off or used to increase the flow of nearby jets.


Is the Jet Clogged?

Sometimes, a piece of equipment or debris can get stuck in the jet and cause it to block the flow of water. This usually happens when a piece of debris gets stuck in the filter.

For most spa jets, the internal assembly can be removed for inspection. Inground jets with no jets can be reamed out using a thin rod or wire.


Are the Valves All Open?

There are two diverter valves on the pump side of a hot tub or spa. These can be closed to allow equipment service, or they can be opened to allow the entire system to be used.

A spa valve is used to control the jets in different configurations. It can be used to close or open the jets while they are in use.

Some hot tubs and inground spas have valve adjustments outside the spa. For inground spa jets, there is no valve or diverter.

Air valves are used to add volume to the water. They can be turned on by either closing or opening the air intake line.

Shut off the air lines when you're finished using the spa. Doing so will prevent you from storing any cool water in the machine.


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