Filling a Hot Tub with Well Water

"Is it OK to fill a hot tub with well water?".Yes, it's possible to fill a hot tub with water from a private well. In total, there are around 48 million private wells in the US. This means that almost a million people each day rely on well water to bathe in a hot tub.

The main point is that well water is not always safe to use in a hot tub. There are two main reasons why people choose to use well water: it is naturally pure and it is very beneficial to the environment.


Will Filling a Hot Tub Burn-Out the Well Pump?

Although filling a hot tub with water will likely burn the well pump, it won't cause any damage. Also, running a hose for several hours will help avoid any issues with the pump. Most hot tubs use around 300 to 400 gallons to fill. If you're thinking about filling a pool from a well, then that's not a problem.


Can Well Water Stain my Spa?

The mineral content of spa water can stain a variety of surfaces, such as hard floors and spa walls. Water that has high levels of minerals can also deposit onto slick spa surfaces.

Minerals such as magnesium and calcium can also mix with dirt and particles to form lumps or scale deposits on certain surfaces. They can also be affected by poor water chemistry.

To prevent staining and scaling, you want to filter out as much water as possible before filling. Then, keep the minerals and metals dissolved in the solution by using a sequestering agent.

Leisure Time Metal Gon, Defender and Metal Out - use 3 such chemicals to keep metals and minerals from staining the water or the surface of our spa. These chemicals are used every few weeks.


Is Well Water Hard to Balance in Spas?

By "Balance," I'm talking about maintaining the proper levels of pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness in well water. When used properly, these levels can help maintain a balanced bath.

Well water in most areas may test low or high for various factors such as pH, Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. Usually, the easiest way to set these is by taking a few treatments of pH Decreaser or Alkalinity.

Depending on how hard or soft your water is, your calcium hardness level may be low or high. It's usually easiest to resolve by adding a calcium reducer to your spa water. However, hard water doesn't have chemical reducers.

Certain hot tubs have a tendency to have murky water, which can be avoided by using a pre-filter or by filtering the water before it enters the tub. This is because some of the suspended solids can be easily removed using a spa filter.


Pre-Filtering Well Water While Filling a Hot Tub

Many homes with wells have a home water softening system that will filter the water coming from the well. However, most outside spigots are not connected to this system.

You can now connect a garden hose to a kitchen sink or a utility sink for pre-filtration well water. You can also use the hose to connect to a clothes washer.

Before adding water to the hot tub, make sure to filter well water by using a Pre-Filter. It's a device that fits to the end of your hose and can remove particles that are too small to see.

A DIY plastic bucket filter can also be used to remove dirt from a 5 gallon bucket. To make a poly fill, drill two holes in the bottom of the bucket and use a string sealant to secure it.

Well, it's good to go ahead and fill up your spa with water, just make sure to filter it before filling it and treat it with Metal Out or Metal Gon.


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