5 Tips to Upgrade Hot Tub & Spa Area

A well-designed spa and hot tub should feature natural elements such as plants, wood, or tile to create a relaxing environment. When it comes to designing a spa, wrap it in decking to make it a part of a larger design and bring out the natural light.

Creating an outdoor spa that's both functional and interesting can be done with a few simple tweaks. Creating a space for plants and furniture can help transform an ordinary outdoor space into something special.



The area around the spa needs to have a clean and well-drained surface. Since people use the spa barefoot, it is important that they are able to walk around the area without getting wet.

Creating a deck around a hot tub is a great way to spruce up the look of the area. It can also make the area easier to access and make it more attractive to guests.



With the proper placement of natural stone or faux stone, you can create a rustic spring setting around the spa.

This is another way to make a spa blend into its surroundings. You can use thick plastic sheeting to protect the spa skirt from dirt and rocks.



If you're not sure what to do, try adding planters around the spa. They can help soften the view and provide privacy. If the space is large, add more plants on the sides of the spa.

Southern spas can use tropical plants for their outdoor living spaces.

Western spas can use various herbs and flowers for their outdoor areas. They can also benefit from cacti and succulents. Northern spas can use a variety of plants, including annual flowers and shrubs. Southern spas can use cacti and succulents.



A patio or hot tub surround is a great addition to a spa to improve its visual impact. It can also be used to set up various decorative items such as tables, chairs, and candles.

Steps are needed for freestanding hot tubs. Creating a seamless transition around the spa is important to making it more accessible.



A pergola or a gazebo is a great addition to the look of your hot tub or spa. They provide shelter from the sun and rain and are great for keeping the plants and animals at bay.

There are many types of pergolas and gazebos that can be built to fit any size or shape. They can also be made to look great even though they're not built yet.


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