Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear Oxidizing Spa Shock, 2 Lb.

A non-chlorine pool chemical, Fresh 'N Clear instantly kills organic contaminants and prevents algae from growing. It also gets rid of chlorine odor and prevents algae from returning.

The rapid dissolution of Fresh 'N Clear in the spa eliminates the active chlorine levels and allows the remaining chlorine to be used to get rid of harmful bacteria.

While keeping the pH levels stable, Fresh 'N Clear also eliminates any cloudy water in the spa. It will give you a fresh and clean feeling to your pool.


  • Spa Oxidizing Shock
  • Quick Dissolving & Fast Acting
  • Chlorine Free
  • For use in all types of spas
  • Net Wt. 2 Lbs

Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear Oxidizing Spa Shock 2 Lb


Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear can remove organic contaminants from the water by using reactive oxygen. This process kills harmful algae and bacteria and helps boost the product's effectiveness.

The use of reactive oxygen can extend the life of a chlorine-based disinfectant by up to 10 times. It can also help decrease the amount of chlorine that's used in the water. However, if the water is not clear enough or has a low chlorine level, then you might have to use a chlorine shock.

Get a fresh and clear pool in just 15 minutes

Unlike other disinfectants, Leslie’s Fresh ‘N Clear doesn't contain chlorine. This means that it can be returned to its ideal condition in just 15 minutes. Also, since this process doesn't affect the water's chemistry, it doesn't require a wait for the chlorine level to return to its normal range.

Unlike other disinfectants, which can contain cyanide or calcium, a nonchlorine shock does not affect the water's chemistry. This is beneficial for regular spa and pool maintenance.

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Container Size: Bottle: 2 lb
Chemical Type: Shock
Manufacturer: Leslie's
Product Type: Spa Chemical


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