Leslie's Fresh N Clear Chlorine Free Pool Shock

The new non-chlorine shock known as Fresh N Clear is a quick-dissolving solution that leaves your pool sparkling and clean. It works by removing organic contaminants, which helps keep your water well-maintained. Dosage: 1 lb. Per 10,000 gallons every 1-2 weeks.


  • Chlorine-free shock
  • Eliminates contaminants and organic waste
  • Eliminates odors
  • Prevents algae
  • Frees up existing chlorine
  • Fast dissolving
  • Non-chlorine shock doesn't change pH levels
  • Safe to swim in 15 min.
  • Works in chlorinated and brominated pools

Leslie's Fresh N Clear Chlorine Free Pool Shock


One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to maintaining and treating your pool and spa is the proper use of non-chlorine shock. This type of shock provides you with the strongest possible oxidizing power.

Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear Pool Shock oxidizer is a great way to get rid of dead and non-living organic contaminants in your pool or spa. It works by using 4% Available Oxygen to remove chlorine and chloramines from the water. This method additionally increases the Free Available Chlorine in the water.

The effectiveness of Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear is evidenced by its quick release, which allows you to enjoy your pool or spa immediately. It won't add any chlorine to the water, but it will help increase the effectiveness of the chlorine in the water. This type of shock is ideal for keeping your pool and spa water clean and swim-ready.

Please Note: DO NOT use Fresh 'N Clear in biguanide treated pool water.

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Manufacturer: Leslie's
Product Type: Pool Chemical
Chemical Type: Shock
Active Ingredient: Potassium Monopersulfate
Dosage: 1 lb per 10,000 gallons
Product Dimensions: 10" Width x 10.1" Length x 5.7" Height
Product Weight: 12.80 lbs.


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