Leslie's Fresh and Clear, 25 lbs.

The Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear chlorine-free oxidizer is designed to remove non-living organics and prevent harmful chemicals from entering the pool.

Getting rid of chlorine can help keep your pool and spa looking its best. Eliminating the use of chlorine can also provide you with the necessary strength to oxidize the water. With Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear Pool Shock oxidizer, you can get a fresh and clear pool in just 15 minutes.

Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear oxidizer works by removing non-living organic contaminants from the water, which prevents combined chlorine and chloramines. It also increases the Free Available Chlorine.

The quick process of using Leslie's Fresh 'N Clear oxidizer will allow you to enjoy your pool and spa in just 15 minutes. Although it won't add any chlorine to the water, it will help increase the effectiveness of the chlorine sanitizer in the water.


  • Non-chlorine shock
  • Fast dissolving
  • Keeps water hardness and pH levels balanced
  • Prevents algae
  • Eliminates odors
  • Frees up available chlorine to eliminate bacteria

Active Ingredient

One of the active ingredients in Leslie's Fresh ‘N Clear is potassium peroxymonate, which is a powerful oxidizer that removes non-living organic contaminants from the water. Chlorine is a disinfectant that kills harmful bacteria and prevents them from growing in the water, but it can also bind other harmful substances such as urine and sweat.

These chemicals can cause skin irritation and eye discomfort, and they are not effective at killing harmful bacteria. Using Fresh ‘N Clear regularly can help keep the water clean and odor-free.


Through the use of reactive oxygen, Leslie's Fresh ‘N Clear can remove non-living organic contaminants from the water. This process helps boost the effectiveness of the product by killing harmful bacteria and algae. Free Available Chlorine can also be used to control algae and kill other harmful organisms.

The use of reactive oxygen also helps extend the life of the chlorine sanitizer in the water, which can help reduce the amount of chlorine used. If the water is not clear enough, or the chlorine level is low, then you might need to use a chlorine shock to get the water back to its ideal condition.

Get a fresh and clear pool in just 15 minutes

Unlike other disinfectants, Leslie's Fresh ‘N Clear does not contain chlorine. This means that the waiting period for the water to be returned to its ideal condition after a shock treatment is only around 15 minutes. No need to wait for the chlorine level to go back to its normal range as this process does not significantly affect the water's chemistry.

Unlike other chlorine treatments, which contain calcium or cyanide, a non-chlorine shock does not alter the water's chemistry. Having a chlorine shock is a must for regular pool and spa maintenance.

Works with other Sanitization Methods

Non-chlorine shock products, such as Leslie's Fresh ‘N Clear, are ideal for various pools and spas. While saltwater chlorination or chlorine tablets can be used as the primary method of keeping the water clean, a chlorine shock can be beneficial.

Having Leslie's Fresh ‘N Clear regularly can help reduce the amount of chlorine that you have to use on your pool's floater and feeder. It can also lengthen the life of the salt cell in your system.

Leslie's Fresh N Clear Non-chlorinated Shock 25 lbs

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Container Size: Bucket: 25 lb
Chemical Type: Shock
Dosage: 1 lb per 10,000 gallons
Manufacturer: Leslie's
Product Type: Pool Chemical


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