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In The Swim has thousands of swimming pool products in stock with exciting brand new items arriving every season. An outstanding selection of pool supplies includes pool chemicals line, innovative pool cleaners, high tech pool accessories, and pool and hot tub equipment from trusted brands like Hayward, Jandy and Pentair. All these products are sold through catalog, Internet, telesales, retail, and wholesale channels.

But today we’ll take a closer look at the most important piece of pool fun: pool chemicals. Pool chemicals are important to keeping your pool water crystal clear and safe to swim in. From bromine to chlorine, pool shock to algaecides and pool clarifiers, In The Swim delivers what you want and what your pool needs.

Having the perfect mix of pool chemicals delivers that perfect crystal clear water we dream of on warm, sunny days. Pool chemicals such as chlorine, bromine and algaecide keep the pool water safe to use as well, killing harmful bacteria and other germs that can make a swimmer sick. Yes, the pool filter plays an important role in having clear water, but it only removes dirt and debris while recirculating harmful elements that could possibly lead to an illness. The chemicals make the water safer.

Perfectly clear, clean water that is safe to swim in is a balancing act of chemistry and art. However, with a little research, an understanding and proper testing the water for proper pool chemical balance, you will find it’s rather easy to have the ideal pool water throughout the swimming season.

Here are the best 8 In the Swim chemicals for your pool:


1. In The Swim 3 inch chlorine tablets - 25 LBS

Pool chlorine tablets dissolve into your pool water to kill algae, bacteria and other organic contaminants. Choosing the right swimming pool chlorine tablets is therefore a very important decision.

Maintaining the water chemistry of your swimming pool is possibly the most important aspect of pool care and can even save you money. Chlorine tablets are one of the key chemicals to maintaining your pool water, and 3 inch chlorine tablets are the most popular among long-time pool owners. 3 inch tablets are thicker than other pool chlorine tablets, allowing them to dissolve slower and protect your pool water for longer. Moreover, 3 inch chlorine tablets are the ideal size for your floaters or automatic feeders.

Sanitation and Disinfection is the most important aspect of good pool water chemistry, and powerful In The Swim 3 inch chlorine tablets are 90% available chlorine, and sun-stabilized, to make it easier to maintain any outdoor pool.


- In The Swim 3" chlorine tabs compare to Bio-guard, Sun, Guardex and Pace.

- One 3" Tablet of Trichlor delivers approximately 5.495 ppm of available chlorine and 3.27 ppm of Cyanuric acid into 10,000 gallons of water.

- Trichlor contains 54.2% by weight of the chlorine carrier molecule Cyanuric acid, each tablet of trichlor contains 4.336 oz of Cyanuric acid.

- Powerful 90% available stabilized chlorine. 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.

- Slow-dissolving, long-lasting chlorine works great in floating feeders or automatic chlorinator.

- Tabs are individually wrapped.

- Approximately 100 tabs per 50 Lb bucket.


2. In The Swim Pool Shock Treatment

Use this Pool Shock to kill visible algae blooms and invisible bacteria, which could cause illness to swimmers. Your daily chlorination of the pool will kill most pathogenic bacteria, viruses and microbes, however to be sure that the water is sanitary, it is good practice to 'shock the pool', or super-chlorinate the pool every few weeks, to oxidize everything in the water, especially the invisible germs that may be harboring in the water.


- Powerful chlorine shock treatment is great for Spring start-up!

- Ideal for a quick chlorine boost when fast-action is needed.

- Add Pool Shock directly to your pool water.

- Powerful 68% Calcium Hypochlorite granular.

- Dosage: 1 lb. per 10,000 gallons.


3. In The Swim Ph Increaser

With powerful and effective results, this pH increaser is available at only half the price. Whenever the pH level goes under 7. 2 all you have to do is add pH increaser. This will reduce any acidity and fix water conditions.The pH level of your pool water is a vital element of your pool's overall water chemistry. PH measures how acidic or basic the water is on a scale of zero to 14, with the ideal pH for swimming pools falling in the range of 7. 2 to 7. 6. When the pH level of your pool falls below 7. 2, the water becomes acidic and can cause eye irritation, corrosion of metal pool equipment, dissipation of chlorine, etching of plaster walls and unsightly stains.To prevent low pH problems from occurring, keep an eye on the pH level of your pool and, whenever it drops below 7. 2, simply add pH increaser to raise the pH level into the 7. 4-7. 6 range. Your chlorine will be more stable, and other water balance parameters will too.


- The active ingredient is soda ash, aka sodium carbonate.

- Corrects acidic water conditions, by raising water pH levels

- Slows the rapid dissipation of chlorine caused by acidic water.

- Reduces eye and skin irritation by reducing water acidity.

- Reduces corrosion of pool equipment and etching of plaster pool walls and vinyl liners.

- This pool pH increaser comes in an easy to use granular form.

- Add pool pH increaser at a rate of 1 pound per 10,000 gallons, to raise pH level by 0.52.


4. In The Swim Super Algaecide 7.1%

In The Swim's powerful and highly concentrated copper-based Super Algaecide gives you more than 15 doses in a single quart. Due to its high concentration, Super Pool Algaecide is used in smaller, easy to measure doses but works much faster than the competition. Effectively controls most types of algae in swimming pools without the troublesome & unsightly foaming caused by other algaecides. Available in Quarts and Half-Gallon sizes.


- Provides superior algae-fighting power with long lasting effects

- Safe enough to swim directly after use

- Contains 7.1% Chelated Copper (chelated to protect from staining)

- Non-foaming formula, with no odor


5. In The Swim Super Clarifier

Pool Super Clarifier works by grouping together microscopic particles and oils to help your filter remove them from the pool water. Use our fast-acting professional strength Super Clarifier weekly & enjoy cleaner looking, sparkling clear pool water.


- Coagulates microscopic particles such as dirt and oils.

- Clears pool water quickly and effectively.

- Improves filter function and efficiency.

- Highly concentrated, powerful formula.

- 1 quart of Super Clarifier treats 160,000 gallons.

- Initial dosage = 4 ounces per 10,000 gallons.

- Weekly dosage = 2 ounces per 10,000 gallons.

- Ideal for use with sand and cartridge pool filters.

- Not recommended for use with DE pool filters.


6. In The Swim Super Stain Away

Super Stain Away can be used on all types of pools for the prevention of stains as well as for pool calcium build up prevention. In fact, with regular usage, Super Stain Away will reduce or even eliminate the incidence of stains and scaling on pool surfaces. For less scrubbing and a beautiful looking pool, Super Stain Away is the perfect solution.


Compare Super Stain Away to Super Sequa-Sol® by GLB.

Super Stain Away prevents stains, scaling and build-up caused by metals and minerals.

- This pool stain prevention formula will also prevent water discoloration caused by oxidized metals.

- Super Stain Away will even lighten some existing stains.

- Ideal for use in swimming pools using well water or in areas with heavy iron content.

- Regular use will help to maintain a beautiful, stain-free pool.

- Super Stain Away can be used on all types of pool surfaces.

- Economically priced!

- Initial dosage = 16 oz. per 10,000 gallons.

- Weekly dosage = 2 oz. per 10,000 gallons.


7. In The Swim Super Pool Opening Kit & Spring Pill - UP TO 30,000 GALLONS

Enjoy a straightforward and hassle-free spring pool opening with swimming pool start up chemical kits from In the Swim. Containing all the pool startup chemicals that you will need in one convenient package, our swimming pool chemical kits take the guesswork out of preparing your pool for the swimming season. The components of our swimming pool start up chemical kits include powerful chlorine shock, a stain prevention product, a non-metallic algaecide, a clarifier and Sun Sorb.

Best of all, we have combined all of this with our best-selling Spring Pill! AquaPill SpringPillTM all-in-one formula is an exclusive 4-part blend that makes spring openings faster and easier than ever! The SpringPill contains a clarifier to maintain sparkling clean water, a scale inhibitor to prevent scale build-up on surfaces, and a stain inhibitor to prevent iron, copper and manganese stains. Moreover, SpringPill is enzyme-enhanced - it naturally destroys all organics, preventing water ring, enhances filter performance and improves sanitizer efficiency.


- Super kit treat up to 30,000 gallons. All chemicals are formulated and pre-measured to treat pools of specific sizes.

- Powerful chlorine shock will give your pool an extra boost of fighting power to eradicate the bacteria and other contaminants that have accumulated in your pool over the winter.

- Stain, rust and scale preventer eliminates unsightly stains caused by minerals and is ideal for areas with heavy iron content in the water.

- Non-metallic algaecide kills and prevents algae blooms without staining your pool.

- Sun Sorb absorbs oils and lotions from the pool water.


8. In The Swim Super Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

Combat the toughest of scum, scale and build-up with this powerful cleaning formula. Super Tile & Vinyl Cleaner features an alkaline-based cleaner that ultimately destroys even the most challenging of stains and cuts through calcium deposits while simultaneously eliminating oils and grease from your pool. As well as being a fantastic product for vinyl liners and pool tiles, this premium cleaner also provides tough stain-fighting power for nearly any surface including indoor showers and tubs.


- Super Tile & Vinyl Cleaner removes even the most stubborn of scum and calcium build-up

- Powers through oil and grease resulting from skin and lotions

- Versatile alkaline-based formula works on a variety of surfaces

- Super Tile & Vinyl Cleaner is ideal for spring start-up and for use throughout the year

- Features a convenient spray bottle design that's easy to use and store


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