BioGuard Brand – Best 7 Pool Chemicals

Everyone wants to enjoy an all clear swimming pool but first of all you need to take care of a lot of things to make sure your pool remains functional without giving you overhead headaches. Bio Guard pool products will make it easier to run a pool.

BioGuard offers a complete product line for any pool. BioGuard is tested and proven effective for all types of pools. BioGuard Pool Chemicals are known for delivering reliable results and making pool care less complex. From chlorine to saltwater pool care products and accessories, you will find the right product for your backyard oasis.

BioGuard is a leader in the swimming pool and spa care industry. The line of BioGuard pool products includes all the chemicals you will need to keep your pool sanitized, balanced, and sparkling all season long including chlorine, bromine, shock, algaecide, phosphate remover, clarifier, pH increaser, pH decreaser, filter cleaners, and more. 

BioGuard Pool Chemicals will help you to properly maintain your pool with a minimal amount of effort. Enjoy sparkling clear water with the following BioGuard chemical products. Here are 7 of the best:


1. BioGuard Algae Complete

All types of algae do not stand a chance against this product, some of them for an example are green algae, mustard algae, and black algae. Algae Complete was designed to be compatible with most swimming pool sanitizers, and is a non-foaming product. When used correctly, this product is profoundly effective.


- Algae Killer and Preventer

- Once a week dual action algaecide

- Prevents and Kills Green, Mustard and Black Algae

- Swimming Pool Algaecide


2. BioGuard SilkGuard Complete 3 inch Chlorinating Tablets

BioGuard SilkGuard Complete Multi-benefit 3" Chlorinating TabletsThe most complete sanitizer ever. Keeps your swimming pool water softer feeling using SilkGuard Technology. Long-lasting performance and greater algae prevention with algae-killing crystals!SilkGuard protects your swimming pool equipment for longer life. It coats metal surfaces protecting them from corrosion and rust. It prevents scale formation in your pool circulation system and pool surfaces. Also contains SUNSHIELD which protects chlorine from sunlight, so you use less.


- BioGuard SilkGuard Complete 3" Chlorine Tablets (7.5 lb)

- Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablet

- 3" Chlorine Tablet

- Creates Softer Swimming Pool Water

- 84% Available Chlorine


3. BioGuard Pool Opening Complete

BioGuard Pool Opening Complete is the perfect way to get your pool off to a great start for the season. This special variation of the Pool Complete family is designed to work effectively in opening conditions & quickly clear things up.


- Turns water amazingly clear

- Removes winter filth

- Cleans pool water

- Works in all pool types (in-ground, above ground, saltwater)

- Dosing: 1 quart per 20,000 gallons of water


4. BioGuard Burnout 73

With the highest percentage of calcium hypochlorite of all the BioGuard shocks this one bag treats 16,500 gallons of water making it one of the strongest shocks on the market. Product Dosage 1 lb per 16,500 gallons of water.


- BioGuard BurnOut73 Super Chlorinator Shock (12# Box)

- 121# Bags

- BurnOut 73 is a superchlorinator for swim swimming pools

- 1# Per 16,500 gallons of swimming pool water

- Calcium Hypochlorite: 73%, Other Ingredients: 27%


5. BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus

Prevents and removes stains from iron, copper and manganese Eliminates discolored water from metals Easy to apply, highly concentrated formula Use in conjunction with Sparkle Up to remove metals from the water BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus prevents staining due to iron, copper and manganese.


- BioGuard Pool Magnet Plus - 1 Quart

- Prevents staining due to iron, copper and manganese

- Eliminates discolored water from metals

- 1 Quart per 10,000 gallons of swimming pool water

- Pool Magnet Plus stays effective in your swimming pool water for 3-4 weeks. Re-application may be needed if fresh fill has iron or copper


6. BioGuard Oxysheen

Bioguard Oxysheen is a non-chlorine pool shock treatment. It will destroy contaminants such as perspiration, sun tan oils, and other impurities that can affect swimmer comfort. By destroying organic waste, this product can lower your sanitizer consumption, as well as brighten and clarify your pool water.


- Fast acting, non chlorine shock oxidizer

- Destroys contaminants and eliminates odors

- Clears cloudy water

- Contains no chlorine or bromine


7. BioGuard Back Up 2

BioGuard Back Up 2 Algaecide is BioGuard's most effective algae preventative. The highly effective formula prevents wide variety of algae growth. It's stable in sunlight and will not evaporate. The activity of this product increases as water temperature rises, which is when you need protection the most.


- BioGuard Back Up - 1 Quart

- Keeps swimming pool water clear and free of visible

- Non Staining Formula

- For use in all pool types

- Use once a week


 If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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