Best 5 Pumice Cleaning Stones for Pools

Swimming pools need near constant attention. During times of heavy use, the pools need to be cleaned a minimum of once per week, depending on usage. Slacking off on taking care of your swimming pool can have serious consequences. Improper cleaning and water maintenance can cause swimmers to experience discomfort on their skin and in their eyes. They are also more likely to sustain an infection when injured or from the pathogens in the water. Because it's such a popular place to be, it's essential that you keep the entire area sparkling clean year-round. Pumice Cleaning Stones will make it easier to run your pool.

Powerful, effective, and safe cleaning for pools and spas, Pumice Cleaning Stones remove rust, mold, mildew and hard water stains with ease. Non-toxic and chemical free, Pumice Cleaning Stones are environmentally friendly and safe for most pool surfaces including tile, grout, concrete, and gunite.

Pumice stones are easy to find at your local pool supply store. Using a pumice stone to clean your pool tiles is ideal when dealing with stubborn calcium silicate. The stone works well at removing tough scale.

With that being said, pumice stones make cleaning calcium carbonate from your tiles a breeze. This flaky white substance doesn't stand a chance against a pumice stone. However, do keep in mind that you won't want to use a pumice stone on a vinyl or fiberglass pool.

To make things easier for you, we have reviewed the best 5 Pumice Cleaning Stones for your pool:


1. Pool Blok, PB-12 by US Pumice, Pumice Stone for Cleaning of Pools, Tiles, Will Remove Lime, Rust, Stains from Pool Tiles and Grout

Get your swimming pool tiles clean and ready for the summer. Works where chemicals fail. Removes rust, mineral build-up, lime, stains, hard water stains deposits from ceramic tile with ease.


- SAFE and FRIENDLY: Safe for most pool surfaces including tile, grout, concrete, and gunite. This Pumice Pool Tile Cleaning block will help you swimming pool regain its shine again

- Rubs out deposits without harm to ceramic tile or pool plaster. Will not upset the pool PH balance, Safe around children and pets

- FLOATS. No need to drain pool. Ideal as a Spot Cleaner. Shapes to any surface. Measures 3in x3in x 6in

- Not recommended for vinyl, acrylic fiberglass, and wood or chrome surfaces. Always test a small inconspicuous area first.


2. Pool Pumice Stone with EZ-Clip Handle to Remove Erase Rust Stain Spot in Concrete Plaster Pool Spa and Calcium Deposit on Pool Tile

Use this rust spot / stain remover to eliminate most types of stain and deposits including rust, scale, calcium deposits, and many other stains on the plaster concrete pool. Easily attaches to standard pool telescopic pole.


- Pumice stone with easy-clip handle for using with 1-1/4" pool telescopic pole

- Works fast as a surface lime remover; cleans even when the strongest acid chemicals have failed

- Ideal as a spot cleaner for rust marks, algae, and leaf stains

- Wet then rub stained/scaled surface until clean, Effective when using with water or acid

- This FINE pumice stone last much longer than POROUS pumice stone


3. Poolmaster 36700 Extra Large Swimming Pool and Spa Pumice Stone, Pro Size, Neutral

This 100% natural swimming pool pumice removes hard water, rust and mildew and is safe for ceramic, tile, grout and concrete in ground pools.


- For removing and cleaning hard water, mineral and mildew stains

- Works on ceramic tile, grout and concrete surfaces

- 100% natural and chemically neutral

- Not for use on vinyl liner pools or porcelain surfaces

- For cleaning swimming pools and spas


4. IMPRESA [4 Pack] Pool Pumice Stone for Cleaning Tiles and Hard Water Stains

Struggling to Rid Your Pool Tiles of Hard Water Build-Up and Limescale? Mineral deposits and calcium build-up can leave your pool looking dirty and grimy. There's no need for acid and other harsh chemicals as a hard water cleaner. In fact, acid isn't very effective against the more resilient calcium silicate build-up. Have no fear! The pool tile stone is an easy and effective solution. It only takes a little gentle scrubbing to rid your pool of this pesky grit and grime. Pumice stones are the best option as a limescale remover and tile cleaner for pool.


- Comfortable Handle for Safe and Easy Use — Using the pumice stone with handle protects your hands from scraping and chafing after extended use of the heavy duty pumice stone. The pumice bar is easy to hold and acts as a pool tile scrubber

- Get Rid of Hard Water and Scaling on Your Tiles — Your pumice cleaning stone will attack limescale, calcium, hard water stains, and more to keep your pool clean. The pumice stick also works as an effective rust remover and pool descaler so you can keep your pool clean and looking brand new

- Cleans Quickly and Efficiently — The pumice scouring stick fights off tough-to-tackle stains and build-up and requires almost no effort to use. To use as a pool cleaning stone, simply wet your stick of pumice and the surface you plan to clean and rub gently until clean

- Defeat Mineral Build-Up Without Harsh Chemicals — The pool tile pumice stone only needs water to do an effective job. You can forego the acid and polish off both calcium carbonate and silicate by using pumice as a pool calcium remover

- 4 Pack With More Pumice — This value pack comes with 4 pool stain remover pumice stones, so you'll always have one on hand. With more pumice than competitors, our stain erasers will last longer. Each pumice stone for cleaning is made with an extra-long handle to give you more range and control


5. Wadoy Pool Stain Eraser for Plaster Concrete Pool Spa Pumice Stone Rust Spot Removal(2pc)

Use this rust spot / stain remover to eliminates most types of stain and deposits including rust, scale, calcium deposits, and many other stains on the plaster concrete pool.


- This high-quality exact equivalent meets or exceeds original manufacturer specifications. It has a durable construction for reliable use.

- Works fast as a surface lime remover; cleans even when the strongest acid chemicals have failed&Ideal as a spot cleaner for rust marks, algae, and leaf stains&Wet then rub stained or scaled surface until clean

- Effective when using with water or acid,Pumice stone with easy-clip handle for using with telescopic pole

- Fast and easy with no setup Small amount of acid used will not affect pool chemistry Gentle application of acid is much safer on the pool surface than other stain removal methods

- If there is anything you are not satisfied, please feel free to contact us , and we will offer you a replacement or full refund. High-quality products and service is our priority.


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