How to Use Nature2 Express Mineral Cartridge W28175

Nature2 W28175 Express Mineral Replacement Cartridge for In Ground or Above Ground Pools, the number one mineral sanitizing system. Nature2 delivers a safer, cleaner, clearer swimming experience to millions of satisfied customers.

Simple Do-it-Yourself Setup Nature2 easily installs into your return line, so all you have to do is activate the cartridge and let it do the rest. 

Replacing The Cartridge Use the month indicator ring on the top of the unit to identify the date on which the cartridge should be replaced. A Nature2 Express cartridge lasts for six months. To replace the cartridge:

1. Shut off your pool’s pump and filter.

2. Close any valves between the filter and pool to prevent draining the pool.

3. Unscrew and remove the old cartridge.

4. Screw the new cartridge into housing and clamp assembly.

5. Rotate the install/replace ring located on the top of the cartridge to the appropriate month.

6. Open any valves that were closed to isolate the Nature2 Express.

7. Restart your pool’s pump. Check for leaks and fix any leaking fittings.

8. Follow the start up procedures in the Nature2 Express Cartridge Owner’s Manual.

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