How To Set up an Underwater Light Show To Your Above Ground Pool

This guide explains how easy it is to set up and operate the Aqua Glow light.Looking to add an underwater light show to your above ground pool . Try Game's Aqua Glow Underwater Light Show, part # NA413. This 6" LED unit projects a rainbow of light patterns on your pool's bottom while it floats on the surface. Aqua Glow projects five different colors and shuts off after 1 hour. 

1.Twist the top off of the Game Aqua Glow Light.

2.Insert the three AA batteries into the battery slots. Watch that you get the polarity correct.

3.Twist the cover back onto the Game Aqua Glow Light.

4.Turn the Aqua Glow Light on by pressing the button on top of the light once. To change to the next light show press the button again.

5.Ensure that the LED lights are flashing on and off.

6.After making sure that the top is completely secured, place the Aqua Glow Light into the water. It should float on the top. Do not submerge the light.

7.This is a picture of how the Aqua Glow Light lights up the pool at night. The following picture shows another floating light option from Game.

8.Underwater Light Starship (part# 3559) - Rotating light effects; 10 light shows, 5 with rotation.

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