How To Assemble a Sand Pump Filter System

NOTE: The system used in this guide is the SandMan pump/filter system but this guide will outline the basic steps for any sand filter system.

Assembling an above ground pool pump/filter system can be intimidating at first glance. Installing it yourself is simple if you are handy and can follow written direction and will save you money in the process. This guide will show you how to install/assemble a sand filter/pump filter system.

1. Make sure that the power by the pool is turned off.

2. Review the instructions in the owner’s manual to familiarize yourself with the process

3. Lay out the parts for the pump/ filter so that they are easily accessible.

4. Position the filter tank on the filter base securely next to the pool. The hoses will need to be long enough to reach both the skimmer and the return. *Note: You may need to install the pump on the base using the supplied bolts as you may need to access the bottom of the base. Double-check the manual.

5. Next, assemble the lateral assembly.

6. This particular lateral assembly has snap-on laterals. You will need to assemble it inside the tank.

7. Note the tabs on the lateral and on the hub.

8. Once the lateral is inserted into the hub, give it a ¼ turn to lock it in place.

9. Repeat the process for the rest of the laterals.

10. With the lateral assembly centered and sand guard in place, fill the tank, ½ full with water.

11. Make sure that there are no leaks by the drain plug then slowly add the sand to the filter tank until the laterals are fully covered. Once the laterals are completely covered, you can level the sand as you add the rest. The amount of sand will vary by make and model. Generally, you will need enough sand to fill the tank no less than ½ and no more than ¾ full. NOTE: There is an air relief attached to the lateral assembly. As you are adding the sand into the tank, try to hold the tube up against the standpipe. The white piece on the end of this tube should be above the sand level when you are done adding sand.

12. Once the tank is filled, you can install the multiport valve. Make sure that the o-ring is installed. and lubricated.

13. With the valve in place, install the hose adapters (or union fittings depending on the model) and pressure gauge onto the valve. There may be a drain plug installed where the gauge goes. Remove it to install the gauge. You can use Teflon tape to ensure a watertight seal but DO NOT use any type of plumber’s putty or “pipe dope”.

14. With the adapters in place, install the pump on the filter base using the supplied bolts. *Note: You may need to install the pump on the base using the supplied bolts as you may need to access the bottom of the base. Double-check the manual. See step 4.

15. The ports on the valve will be labeled PUMP, RETURN, and WASTE/BACKWASH. The PUMP port will be connected to the discharge port on the pump and the RETURN port will be connected to the pool’s return. The WASTE port will be connected to a backwash hose (sold separately)

16. Using filter hose and hose clamps, make the connections to the valve, pump, and return.

17. With all the hoses in place, tighten the bolts on the clamp.

18. Switch the valve setting to FILTER. Next, fill the pump strainer with water then install the pump cover. Lastly, plug in the pump.

19. After a few minutes (or hours) turn off the pump and switch the valve to “BACKWASH” then turn the pump back on. You will leave it on this cycle for 3-5 minutes.

20. Turn the pool pump off and switch to the RINSE cycle then turn the pump back on. Run until the water in the sight glass is clear.

21. Once the water in the sight glass is clear, turn the pool pump off and switch back to FILTER.

22. Turn the pool pump back on. Note the reading on the pressure gauge. This is the normal operating mode for your filter. When the psi reads 8-10psi above your clean filter reading, it's time again to backwash your filter.

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