How to Use Del Spa Ozone?

An ozonator is a powerful water-sizing device that uses ozone to kill 99.9% of contaminants and pathogens. It is also used for minimizing the spread of organics in small spaces.

Ozonators need to be rejuvenated to keep them working properly. Aside from the ozone bulb, they also require replacing the various components that come with them.


Spa Ozone Check Valve Maintenance:

A Check Valve is a one-way flow valve that allows the ozone to travel in one specific direction. It's a simple and effective way to control the flow of the ozone.

Eventually, the check valve for your ozone check unit will need to be replaced. It can cause damage to your ozonator if it allows incorrect ozone flow.


Spa Ozone Injector Maintenance:

The ozone injector is a component that fits into a larger hose connection. It's usually a small 3 way manifold that fits into a 1" or 1" hose.

If you don't have ozone bubbles in your spa, then your ozone injector is probably clogged. This can cause the bubbles to stop working.

Use a bent paper clip or a tiny eyeglass screwdriver to remove the hose and fitting from the ozone injector. Then, just like with the spa running, move the hose back and forth to dislodge any deposits that prevent the ozone from flowing into the machine.


Spa Ozone Generator Renewal:

When the ozone generator in your spa suddenly stops producing O3 for you, your water will become turbid and dark. This is an important step to prepare for when the bubbles will stop.

A Spa Ozone can be created by either a UV bulb or a Corona Discharge device. The former produces ozone using a small electrical charge, while the latter uses a chip or an electrode.

If the blue glow has vanished from your UV light, it's time to replace the ozone bulb. Before doing so, check that the unit is still plugged into a power supply. It's also important to replace the bulb's longevity.


Corona Discharge CD Chip Replacement

The CD chip will eventually wear out after a few years. It is most likely to wear out faster if you are using the circulation pump for 24 hours a day.

You can replace a Del Ozone CD chip on a Del Spa Eclipse by removing the back screws and the power cord. Just follow the steps below.

Getting a new CD chip for your Del Spa Eclipse is very easy. Just follow these steps: Unplug the unit's power cord, remove the back screws, and locate the CD chip in the bottom of the case.


Corona Discharge Ozone Cell Replacement

The Del MCD-50 ozonator has an electrode that can last for a long time. But eventually it will wear out and needs to be replaced. This unit comes with a renewal kit that includes a new Ozone Cell, Power Supply, O-ring, and fuse.


The Eclipse NEXT GENERATION uses Advance Plasma Gap, which is a revolutionary technology that allows for longer spa life and better ozone output. It has an auto voltage sensor that will automatically turn on once connected.

The maintenance for Next Generation ozonators is very similar to the maintenance for older valves and hoses. Just replace the entire box and connect the hoses and wire.

How to Know if a Spa Ozonator is Working?

- Ozone bubbles are visible in the Spa, at a lower jet, or the heater jet, usually.

- Ozone smell when you open up the spa cover after being closed for some time.

- Indicator light on the ozone module, as a visual indicator of operation.

- Test it with the new Del Ozone test kit.


Your spa ozonator lifespan is not always guaranteed. If it has experienced a malfunction, it is possible that the device is no longer producing ozone. Spa water is often lifeless and dull once it has been exposed to air. Shock the spa and order replacement parts to keep it running smoothly.


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