How to Repair Hot Tub Temperature Fluctuations?

When the temperature has been set on the control panel, the hot tub should maintain a consistent level of heat. However, temperature fluctuations over a certain amount can indicate a problem with the water flow or the switch.

If the temperature in your hot tub drops below 100o before the heater begins working, it could be a sign that the water pressure is too high. This could also cause the high limit switch to trip.

If the water in your hot tub is consistently cooler than expected, then it probably has a problem with the thermostat.


Verify the Water Temperature

If the temperature of the water is not exactly right, then it might be time to check if the temperature sensor or thermostat is faulty.

This sensor is located inside the filter housing of most hot tubs. It should be pushed down into the thermowell to establish a consistent temperature.


Check Water Flow

Make sure that the filter is clean and does not impeding the water flow. Also, make sure that the pump is working properly and that the lines are free of air and obstructions.


Test Switches, Sensors and Heating Element

The high-limit switch is located on the heater itself. It's a safety feature that automatically turns off when a certain temperature gets too hot. If it gets too hot, or if the heater's sensors fail, then it can cause issues.

A loose connection or a pressure switch can also cause a spa heater issue. This issue can usually be solved by replacing the part if it's no longer working. Also, make sure that the temperature is still within range of the heating element.


Examine Other Factors

Other factors to consider include the temperature of your hot tub and how it's insulating. Also, make sure that the cover and hot tub are well-equipped to handle the fluctuating temperatures.

If your hot tub regularly gets too hot or loses its heat during the summer or winter, it could be due to its insulation or the circulation schedule. Also, keep in mind that the inside of your spa cabinet can quickly warm up, which could make it easy to overheat.

The temperature of the water that flows through the pump and the plumbing lines can also affect the performance of the spa. Having the proper insulation and ventilation can help keep the hot water from escaping.


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