5 Tips to Improve Spa Filtration

One of the first things that many first time hot tub buyers do not take into account is how their new unit will keep the water looking clean.

A good filtration system will keep the water in your hot tub sparkling clean. It can also prevent algae growth and reduce the risk of being stuck with a bad filter.

Here are some simple steps that will improve the filtration of your hot tub or spa.


Spa Filters with more Square Footage

Some of the popular spa filter models are available in two different sizes. The HTF-2370 is commonly used for treating spa water, while the HTF-2390 is for general use.

You can also double the surface area by adding more pleats to your spa filter cartridge. This technique works by increasing the surface area by about 25%.


Clean Spa cartridge with Filter Cleaner

Performing a proper cleaning is important to keep the cartridge running smoothly. It can be done by loosening the dirt from the fabric by using a filter cleaner.

Give your cartridge a good cleaning with a spa filter cleaner. It will remove dirt, oil, and mineral deposits.


Replace your Spa Cartridge on Schedule

People typically replace their cartridge every 12 to 24 months. It depends on how often they use their spa and how often they need to clean.

The fibers help lift particles out of the filter. It's usually accepted that you should replace it after every cleaning.


Drain your Spa on Schedule

It is usually recommended that people keep their spa at least 3 months running on a schedule. However, this range can vary depending on several factors, such as how often you use it and how well it has water quality.


Use Enzymes or Clarifiers

Spa enzymes are natural products that help digest the sticky substances found in body products. They can help reduce the demand for sanitizers and make them more effective.

These enzymes are used to clean oil spills in the ocean. They can also be used to treat spa oil problems.

Some hot tubs and spas have cartridge filters that are woefully undersized. If this is the case, try these methods to improve your filtration.



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