How To Turn The Discharge Port On A Spa Pump

In this guide you will learn how to easily rotate the discharge port.The majority of spa pumps come with a discharge port that is aligned vertically. Manufactured spas will often require a spa pump that has a horizontal discharge. 
Although we use a Waterway spa pump, the same instructions can be used to rotate the ports on most spa and above ground pool pumps.

1. TOOLS NEEDED - The only tool you will need is a nut driver. We used a 1/4" nut driver on this pump.

2. LOCATE THRU-BOLTS - Locate the 4 thru-bolts at the back of the motor.

3. LOOSEN THRU-BOLTS - With the 1/4" nut driver, loosen the 4 thru-bolts. Do Not Remove Bolts.

The thru-bolts hold the motor together. It is important to only loosen them enough so that the wet end can rotate.

4. ROTATE WET END - Once the thru-bolts are loosened enough, rotate the discharge until it is in the desired orientation. Make sure the thru-bolts will line up with the wet end.

5. TIGHTEN THRU-BOLTS - Tighten the 4 thru-bolts with the 1/4" nut driver.

At this point, the spa pump is ready to be plumbed and wired.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help! 

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