How To Turn the discharge port on your Hayward Matrix Pump

This guide will show you how to rotate port on your Hayard Matrix pump.The Hayward Matrix pool pump is a versatile above ground pool pump. Most swimming pool pumps will either be a vertical or a horizontal discharge, the Hayward Matrix can be both with the push of a button.

1. First and foremost, make sure that power to the pump has been cut off. Unplug the pump if possible.

2. Disconnect the hoses by removing the hose clamp then sliding the hose off of the hose adapter. Place the hoses over the swimming pool wall so that the water doesn’t drain out of the pool.

3. Remove the pump lid by gripping the handles on the side and slowly turning the cover counter clockwise, then pulling up towards you. Once the cover is off, inspect the cover o-ring and replace if necessary. Remove the basket and drain any water inside of the strainer housing. There are arrows on the lid that will tell you which direction to turn the lid.

4. Next, we’ll need to remove the strainer. To do this, we’ll first need to remove the strainer basket to expose the c-clip that locks it into place.

5. Once the basket has been removed, simply pull it gently upwards towards you to remove it.

6. Pull the pump strainer housing straight out to remove it from the shroud assembly.

7. To rotate the pump housing, press down firmly on the tab located on the shroud.

8. While facing the pump and pressing down on the tab, rotate the pump housing 90 degrees counter clockwise.

9. The housing should be locked into place.

10. Push the strainer back into place making certain that the groove for the c-clip is fully visible.

11. Install the c-clip back into place by pushing it into the groove.

12. Once the clip is in place, the strainer basket can be re-installed.

13. Reconnect the hoses and clamps then fill the strainer housing with water to prime the pump then secure the lid to the strainer. Turn the power on to the pump and check for leaks. If these are any leaks, turn off the power to the pump and repair the leak.

14. Your project is now complete and you saved the cost of a new pump.

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