How To Operate a Pentair Lil Shark AG Pool Cleaner

This guide explains you the steps to take in maintaining and storing your Cleaner. To keep your Pentair Lil Shark AG Pool Cleaner functioning at maximum performance you should clean it periodically. 

1.  RINSE CLEANER - Whenever you take the Pentair Lil Shark AG Pool Cleaner out of the water, rinse off the pool water with a hose. Minimize time on the water. The pool chlorine will discolor your Cleaner if left in the water continuously.

2. REMOVE CLEANER BEFORE SUPER CHLORINATION - Remove your Pentair Lil Shark AG Pool Cleaner before you shock your pool. High levels of chlorine will degrade your cleaner.

3. CHECK BLOCKAGE - Turn the Cleaner over and check the Oscillator for blockage. If required, clear debris from the Oscillator by gently pushing it through to the other side. Remove Swivel Assembly for easier access to the top side.

4. INSPECT OSCILLATOR - Rock the Oscillator back and forth to see that it moves smoothly and freely. If you see that the Oscillator parts are damaged or worn, you will have to replace them. Click here to see our guide on How to Replace a Pentair Lil Shark AG Pool Cleaner Oscillator.

5. STORE CLEANER UP - When storing your Cleaner, store it on its back so that it doesn't sit on the brushes and deform them.

6. STORE COILS STRAIGHT - If possible, do not coil the hoses. Store them flat and straight.

7. WINTER STORAGE -When storing for the winter, drain all water from the Cleaner and Hoses. Remove all connectors and adapters from the skimmer. Keep the unit out of direct sunlight. And store inside out of the freezing weather.

If you have any other questions about pool and spa products please do let us know - we are here to help!

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